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book club


We need more books and more readers. As the moderator and organiser,
Purva Grover, hosts community events to bring book lovers together.

Monthly book club meetings for the readers in the UAE, and beyond. From on-site to virtual, the events reach out to 2100+ members of the Meetup Written Word Society. 

Whenever you read a good book, you want to spend every waking moment wanting to talk about that book. The trouble is, most of the people around you are not reading the same book, at least not at the same time, and they have no interest in hearing all your feelings! That's where book clubs come in. Let's keep reading, talk about what we are reading, and make friends with other readers.

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Books of the month, by two UAE-based authors. Burnt Sugar: Avni Doshi. The Trees Told Me So: Purva Grover, a session on Meetup.

Judging a performing arts festival, hosted by Harmony 


A breast cancer awareness evening hosted by Purva Grover. A glimpse here.


Playing with words to create 'gender-specific' pieces for an exhibition in Dubai LIVE LIMITLESS, ART EXHIBITION. A glimpse here.


As a panellist for a conversation on the reality of Back To School in 2020. Conducted by Gibraltar Technologies. A session on Zoom.


As an academic partner, in interaction with the teachers, students, and parents.   Conducted by MyELSA. A session on Zoom.


A virtual summer club for the young minds in the UAE, as the editor of Young Times. Conducted on Instagram. 

Ride The Wavelength.png

A radio show of stories, on Podbean.

A talk for the writers of the group, Bahrain Writers' Circle, on Zoom.

Feb 3 Dubai Private Scholars.jpg

Another chapter, to empower the youth with the power of words. For the students at Dubai Scholars Private School, Dubai on Zoom.


A talk on journalistic writing for the students at GEMS New Millennium School, Al Khail, Dubai on Zoom.

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