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"You don't have to be an activist to bring a change, you can be a reader, storyteller, or listener. Often, we dream of doing our bit for society. But then, studies, examinations, university application forms, career goals, chilling with friends, and life, in general, gets in the way. Not to forget it’s easy to get lazy when you have a Netflix subscription! Let’s say the inspiration for anything and everything I do stems from the fact that each one of us, with our challenges and limitations, wishes to make a difference, but feels we aren’t ready for it or have the time to do so! However, you don’t have to be an activist to bring a change. I am not one. You don't need to invest your 24 hours either. You can be just another person like yours truly; let’s share our experiences. One thought a time.”

It isn’t for anyone with trust issues. For theatre isn’t just about acting, directing, scripts and lights. It is about strangers, friends, acquaintances, opponents, amateurs, professionals, rivals, and friends of friends trusting one another. My romance with theatre in Dubai is fresh, four years as a playwright and stage director. But I know that this bond will last for a long time. After all, it’s easy to be in a relationship based on trust, right?

I don’t act anymore (in school days, I did!). I am infatuated



I write, relentlessly and passionately. For, I believe that the world needs stories and irrespective of the number of obstacles I face (yes, rejection slips from publishers are many), I simply fill up an empty sheet with words. The amazing team from Zayed The Inspirer visited home and gave me a chance to tell my story, share my inspirations. Honoured and grateful. Dubai, UAE


When I made Dubai, #UAE my home eight years ago little did I know that in the coming years my words and I will touch many hearts, reach various platforms, and share countless stories. A couple of weeks ago, I was granted the UAE Golden Visa for ten years (the first culture visa in the world) under the category: Class of Creators from the People of Culture and Art as a WRITER. Here is the moment captured! 
This honour and initiative by the UAE (Dubai Culture & Arts Authority) is a reflection of the country and its leadership's incredible commitment and role towards those who have chosen to passionately pursue arts. I wish this news had come in better times, but here's my promise to continue writing and doing my bit. I have always believed that honest words have the power to heal, bring change, and make one believe in magic. So, here's to words. Grateful, honoured and humbled. Much respect, P

Old age and what it makes of us, exploring in one minute.


Mum, why did you not tell me what to do when you are gone?