She Talks 

"For, it’s good to be educated, to feed your job with passion and nurture it. But you should always be ready to make the sacrifice, crush the ego, say goodbye, and make the farewell speech." 

The question remains: Why is the
sacrifice necessary?

We, at EnAct, wish to talk about it. We need to have intelligent conversations on topics that affect us.

EnAct is led by women who are bold, passionate and courageous. Women, who are cognizant of how difficult it is to pursue passions, especially as a woman!

Therefore we decided to meet our tribe - we want to hear from you. We invite you, creative and passionate women who have either found their calling or are still struggling with it, to join us for an evening of conversation and share your journey in Dubai. 


We'll catch up over good food and keep it casual. We will be joined by local author Purva Grover, whose latest book SHE speaks of what it is like to be a woman!

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Date & Time: Monday,
November 29, 6 pm onwards
At: Nawab Restaurant, Jebel Ali Recreation Club, Near IBN Battuta Mall, Dubai

Fee: Dh140 (includes 2 alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages, 2 starters and an author-signed copy of SHE for your inspiration)

P.S: Request you to please carry a minimum amount of Dh100 as cash! 

What is SHE? Read more here.

We look forward to seeing you! Request you to please carry a minimum amount of AED 100 in cash to get a signed copy of the book!