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the indian trumpet


A magazine that captures the colour, culture and chaos of India that NRIs crave and miss...

— editor-founder,

purva grover

The magazine is aimed at anyone who wants to be in touch with India and its ethos. The target audience for the magazine includes Indian expatriates globally, Resident Indians & Non-Indians across the globe. The Indian Trumpet is a celebration of India and Indian-ness. Within its pages, it encapsulates things and ideas uniquely Indian from the richness of butter chicken to the colour and boisterousness of Bollywood movies to the cadences of our goosebump-inducing National Anthem to the eternality of the Taj Mahal. Readers continue to share their experiences of leaving Indian shores while retaining their Indian values and the unbroken and unbreakable bonds with India.


Our themes have been bold and unique like celebrating the good ol’ beverage chaiexpressing our anger against rising rapes in the country, narrating tales of the charm of the number one, listening to the sounds of Punjab, and of Dilli, plus a lot more.


The contents of the magazine aim to paint a vibrant canvas covering a range of subjects – gastronomic, cinematic, literary, architectural, sartorial and musical. It is uniquely Indian in terms of content yet universal in terms of connect. It can be an introduction to the Indian identity for some as well as a nostalgic joyride for others. The packaging and design of the e-zine is traditionally Indian while being contemporary keeping the savviness of our readers in mind.


Being web-based, we are accessible from all corners of the world to whoever is curious about India, Indians & Indian-ness.



We launched our debut issue on July 1, 2013.

We can be reached via e-mail at

The editor-founder, Purva Grover, can be reached via e-mail at

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