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I make note of a thought that may not come back. I scribble down a memory that I wish to cherish. I pen down a character when I meet an individual I hope I could immortalise. I let the sceneries, objects and people around inspire me. I express a feeling. I share the joy. I spread the love. I voice the anger. I complete what I start. I make the words count. I write.


Between cotton sheets, between magazines.

Between cuddles, between arguments.

Between notepads, between laundry piles.

I write.

At work, at lunch hour. In Metro, in the cab. At events, at conferences. In the kitchen, in cubicles.
I don’t judge my first drafts, my completed works.

I just write.

For, “Write, whenever (& whatever) you can, and even when you can’t. And write until you reach the end.” Is the best advice I can ever give anyone.

words, elsewhere....


Featuring, The Sparkle Of the Girl, with Tiny Feet and Petite Shoes, fiction, by Purva Grover

July 2020: Get your copy here. 


Featuring, It was the year 2020, poetry by Purva Grover

June 2020: Get your copy here. 

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Foreward by Purva Grover

November 2019

Get your copy here

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Content Research, Writing and Editing by Purva Grover
For private circulation: Created for CNIEL, a Paris-based body represented by leading French milk producers, dairy cooperatives and private dairy companies.

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