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Once Upon A Table,
in Dubai

Presenting Once Upon A Table, in Dubai — a series that will be filled with anecdotes, reflections, questions, and observations.

As many of you may know, I am not a food writer. Yes, I have written extensively about food. I have indulged in meals, interviewed chefs, tested coffee machines (the latter, an addiction), predicted eating trends, and more.


Who am I, then? Just a writer, who loves food, and I confess that I am not the person, who can tell you how to cook that perfect meal, nor am I equipped to make a cursory comment on food that comes from the kitchen of another. I can, however, tell you a good story over a meal. Of course, as you may have gathered as a storyteller and author, I’ve dangerously dedicated my hours to writing.


So, here I am embarking on teaching myself how to write about food, with the series titled, Once Upon A Table, in Dubai. Yes, even with 18 years of journalism (and counting) and three (four soon) books later, I feel I am just beginning to learn how to write a meal.

Once Upon A Table, in Dubai is a series that will appear and disappear from time to time. A series that will be filled with anecdotes, reflections, questions, and observations.


How do I plan to report, in short, why should you read the series?  


I belong to the generation, that was born in the era of ‘eating out' only on special occasions; and one who has found herself growing older in the world of order-ins, takeaways, and dine-outs on weekdays and weekends as a norm. As I look back, I realise my vocabulary of adjectives to describe food was poor and tainted. I didn’t use words like yummy, tasty, out of the world, delectable, et al. Cuddles. Comfort. Goodnight kiss. Warm hugs. Excitement on winning the toy. Hugs. And more… were the words I used. I created my vocabulary. So then, I learned about eating and cooking in an inimitable way, and I intend to share all that with you, peppered with all that I will learn from you.


I am a seasoned journalist and an author, who once again has dangerously come to believe that there will always be an appetite for reading a good story, especially when served over a good meal. I am also on a self-assigned mission to garnish the culture of ‘food reviews’ with long reads. I am not an influencer (nor intend to be one) just an unadorned storyteller who happens to be on Instagram. So, with me, you will have no choice but to read what I eat, as I will not be ‘Reel-ing’ and ‘Gram-ing’ what’s on my plate.


It will be simple.  I will eat and report to you. I will eat heartily, and tell you a story with my heart. My only hope is that you read until the end, just as you make sure you eat every morsel on your plate. I hope we can strive towards a world where no food is wasted, no stories are untold, and together, discover what makes Dubai the best place to eat and tell a story. 


Do remember that we all like our food prepared and served differently, just as we all like our stories narrated, and shared uniquely. For, no two meals are the same, and no two stories have the same beginnings or endings. Open your hearts to flavours that you may like, or dislike.


My words are now yours. Presenting to you, Once Upon A Table, in Dubai. 

— Purva Grover, Once Upon A Table, in Dubai

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