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My little attempt to save stories has taken me to Spotify. Tune in to the podcast:
Saving Stories With Purva Grover.

Author and journalist Purva Grover’s tiny attempt to keep stories and storytelling alive. She feels stories are aching to be shared. Tales of people, who inhabit the world we live in. Tales of people, who inhabit the world we create for them to live in. Tune in to Saving Stories With Purva Grover and listen to the stories; sometimes narrated as vignettes, almost poetic; at other times as entries from Dear Diary, and on a few other occasions as anecdotes overheard at parties, over coffee and beyond. These stories speak of the truth and untruth. They speak of loving and unloving too. They speak of love, loss and life. They speak of you and me, her and him, them and us, before and after.

A new episode, is out every Tuesday, listen to the trailer

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