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My little attempt to save stories has taken me to Spotify.
Tune in to the podcast: Saving Stories With Purva Grover.

Author and journalist Purva Grover’s tiny attempt to keep stories and storytelling alive. She feels stories are aching to be shared. Tales of people, who inhabit the world we live in. Tales of people, who inhabit the world we create for them to live in. Tune in to Saving Stories With Purva Grover and listen to the stories; sometimes narrated as vignettes, almost poetic; at other times as entries from Dear Diary, and on a few other occasions as anecdotes overheard at parties, over coffee and beyond. These stories speak of the truth and untruth. They speak of loving and unloving too. They speak of love, loss and life. They speak of you and me, her and him, them and us, before and after.

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Saving Stories with Purva Grover presents a podcast that steers away from male-bashing and feminism, and simply celebrates what it means to be a woman. For amongst the many things that author Purva Grover doesn't understand — most are feminine. Each episode features conversations with a She, who shares her story of ambition and anxiety, love and loss, strength and weakness, bad hair days and failures at work too.  Join us as we figure out what's crucial — love, laundry or lessons. As we're asked to explain our secrets of work vs. family balance. As we are fed articles on how to step up the career ladder as fast as men and yet raise perfect kids. As we look for solutions for smudged kohl, mastering how to apply BB creams and concealers. We speak of unwanted advice, as we offer some too. We sigh, smile and scorn. We observe, absorb, judge and compare. We own our space.

When I began to write, I thought all I’d have to do is write. Somewhere, in between I forgot the part, which said I’d also have to remind myself and the others to read. Now, I read 52 books a year. I find myself reading at libraries, cafes, in the bed, while commuting, while waiting for a meeting to start, at parties even, and more. In short, I read whenever I can. When I am not running between narrating stories and writing a few of mine, I review the books I read. Every few weeks, I release a new episode, featuring a book that is on my night stand. I hope this segment of the podcast encourages you to find your story. After all, we are all stories, aren’t we?


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