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Most of my writing is a gust of passion and emotion. I'm disciplined only in terms of the fact that I write every SINGLE day, but I don't have a fixed hour/s devoted to it in my diary. Emotions can never be structured. Often, they pop up announced. So, I write when they demand me to do so. I complete what I start. I make the words count. I write. These are three of my books in a frame, get a copy! My words are spread across mediums, platforms, and more; and I like to keep challenging myself to tell stories in newer ways!

It was the year 2020 (1).png
She Front.jpg
The Trees Told Me So (2017);
a book of short stories, it draws a poignant picture of love, life and loss with an honest voice.
It was the year 2020 (2021);
a fragmentary novel set in
real-time, it dares to speak of the pandemic, waiting to take over our lives, or whatever little is left of it
She (2021); a non-fiction title, making waves for its honest, relatable and fun approach on the topic of womanhood
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