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Most of my writing is a gust of passion and emotion. I'm disciplined only in terms of the fact that I write every SINGLE day, but I don't have a fixed hour/s devoted to it in my diary. Emotions can never be structured. Often, they pop up announced. So, I write when they demand me to do so. I complete what I start. I make the words count. I write. These are three of my books in a frame, get a copy! My words are spread across mediums, platforms, and more; and I like to keep challenging myself to tell stories in newer ways!


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WAD April 2021.jpeg

The first-ever author to exhibit at World Art Dubai, the region’s most accessible and affordable art fair. In 2021, Purva Grover showcased her words at the fair and make my tiny history; as the first! This was the seventh edition of the fair.

March WAD.jpg

In 2022’s World Art Dubai edition, Purva Grover was back this time exhibiting her three books and canvas prints, inspired by words from her books.
In addition, her troupe of theatre artists, singers, dancers, actors and storytellers celebrated her latest and third book, She, on the World Art Dubai stage, each evening, 5-5:30pm. 


The Trees Told Me So, the book's celebrations continue via interesting events. Find out with us here. 

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She, the book's celebrations continue via interesting events. Find out with us here.