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Over the coming months, we'll bring
She closer to you,
at art exhibitions, coffee mornings, ladies nights, pyjama parties, and more. 
Watch this space, She is now yours. Get your copy here

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Among the many things I don’t understand, most are feminine. Over the decades, women have been told and sold the same stuff. The book She and the events to celebrate She are a pure extension of the babble we’re fed and that we feed off. It is not an attempt to connect any dots. Its subjects are women I know. It’s not a case of pure coincidence but pure intention. No research has gone into this piece of writing unless you consider banter over drinks, on long-distance phone calls or by water coolers, so. I don’t wish to expose the individuals who confided in me or embarrass myself so I’d like to state that it is a work of fiction, heavily inspired by real lives. Even when I talk about myself, remember, I could just be making up some bits. I am a storyteller, after all. Reading it won’t make you wiser as writing it has had no such effect on me. No bra-burning issues will be discussed in the following pages as this is not the place for it and we need to respect that. If you get offended easily or dislike unwanted advice, now is the time you put down the book. The rest of you, join me. I hope to make you suffer with me. I’m not a funny person so if you find parts of the script laugh-worthy, it is your sense of humour at work, not mine. I expect to make no difference in your lives. If you do happen to learn or unlearn something, don’t hold me responsible for it. Feel free to observe, absorb, judge and compare. Or not.


What these events are not about? No male-bashing. No bra-burning issues. Nothing about empowerment. I believe our feminists' friends are doing a good job at whatever they are doing, but these events will neither about feminism. 

Come celebrate She, a book by Purva Grover. Let's celebrate the freedom of being ourselves. Let's be unapologetic about chasing our dreams, making mistakes, and owning our identity and space as a female.

join us...


Wellness Morning

January 13, 2024 

We read SHE and celebrated the words over a wellness workshop by a lifestyle coach. Over 40 women joined us!

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Book of the month

May 25 

We're reading SHE and will be gathering together to share our thoughts on this title.  We'll be joined by Purva Grover, author, She

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Book of the month

December 5 

We're reading SHE and will be gathering together to share our thoughts on this title.  We'll be joined by Purva Grover, author, She

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The 'She' Meet Up 
With En_Act

November 29, 6pm
Nawab DXB, Dubai

Open to who? Anyone who has a story to share about their #passions, #dreams, struggles and more, especially if you are an artist/e!

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Let's create 

November 20, 12 noon
Moreish Restaurant & Cafe, Dubai

Learn a new skill, say hello to fellow creative souls & create lovely memories. Drop by to create a magical artwork using alcohol ink under the guidance of UAE-based artist Sonu Sultania. The artwork will be inspired by Purva Grover's latest book, She!

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She Talks with Matrix PR

November 11, Dubai

To start a conversation on things we shy away from, things that we can have a good laugh over, topics that leave us wondering, memories that make us smile, et al

Oct 28.png

Author Interview: She

October 28, 3 pm

One with the publisher: She, is making waves for its honest, relatable and fun approach on the topic of womanhood. Have you picked your copy, yet


Blind Painting & Book Reading: She

October 30, 11 am
Dubai International Art Centre, Jumeriah

Ever heard of blind painting? Local author Purva Grover and local artist Atul Panase invite you to experience words & colours like never before. Open to professionals, amateurs, art enthusiasts and hobbyists. 


A Catch Communications Inititaive 

October 6, 7 pm
Hotel Indigo, Dubai Downtown

You are invited to ‘We are SHE’,
an evening that will celebrate your femininity, your womanhood, and YOU!


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Book Signing: She by Purva Grover

September 24, 11 am
Booktopia, Dubai Festival Mall, Mall

Purva Grover will engage in a conversation and sign copies of her latest book, She. Copies of the book (paperback and hardback) will be available for purchase at the event. 

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