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I poured my heart into these pages, #icouldhavebeenaninstapost, my fourth and latest book. A book that aspires to serve as a reminder to embrace the idea that, like most things in life, scrolling through Instagram can be black, white, and grey.

As an author, journalist, and creative entrepreneur, Purva Grover often wondered what she was doing on Instagram @purvagr.


"Often, I think to myself, what is an author doing on Instagram? I should be on your bookshelf, on Kindle, or in a bookshop, shouldn't I?" Nevertheless, she found herself there (sans wondering if she needed to get on board the blue-tick wagon), "Of course, I was tempted to make the most of the platform like other authors, reach more readers, and tell my story. I wrote, clicked, and connected."

Reading is now defined by its shareability via screenshot quotient, and the words have been commanded not to test our fading patience. This title reflects the new reading habits; it aspires to serve as a record for future generations of how the world read, shared, and wrote once upon a time. It's not penned by a licensed medical expert but by an author who chose to reflect deeply. 

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Here’s a pop-up episode just for you with the lovely Purva Grover! The incredible author has joined the show to talk about her latest book, #icouldhavebeenaninstapost, and why social media is the focus. 

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