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mehendi ki raat


Marigolds on every window pane, the scent of the pacifying flower filling up the room. A home that turns into a happier space, when loved ones gather up to celebrate a wedding. An occasion that makes us realise and value the meaning of the word family. To understand that as a family, we are meant to forget and forgive, and blossom together; irrespective of our egos, ambitions, differences, challenges, dreams, and insecurities.

Inspired by the Scent of the familiar, one of the tales in the book 'The Trees Told Me So', which revolves around the emotions that bring together a family during an Indian wedding ceremony.

A free-to-attend production staged at a residence in Dubai, UAE.

April 2019.

playwright & direction

purva grover


nandini, shreya, rahul, paresh, sudha, mandeep, sherry,

sargun, shalini

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