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Are you ready for a staycation? Pause. Restart. Play.

In the midst of over packed schedules, take a moment to listen to your mind, body and soul. Surround yourself with the majestic mangroves and calm waters, and let experts guide you to the path of wellbeing

ZOYA, a fully integrated wellness experience, offers a unique and holistic approach to mind and body rejuvenation

How often do you pack your bags with an intention to return from a short break, if not fitter, but at least aware of the needs of your body, mind and soul (if, we may)? Chances are rarely, after all, a holiday is supposedly a time when we permit ourselves to indulge (hello, cheat days) — right? What if there was a place you could check in, which promises an experience of physical and mental well-being, yet is peppered with the right dose of massages, spas, dips in the pool, and more? A staycation at Zoya, Health and Wellbeing Resort promises a retreat tailormade to truly look after you, yet not make you feel like you’re being denied the perks of being on a staycation. ZOYA, the region’s first fully integrated wellness experience, offers a unique and holistic approach to mind and body rejuvenation. Their methods are integrative and holistic, with a range of treatments coming together to create customised wellbeing retreat journeys. It is operated by Premedion, a spa consultancy and management company founded in Rostock, Germany, in 2005. It opened in April 2022 in Al Zorah, Ajman, UAE.

Where is it located?

Nestled within Al Zorah, between the majestic mangroves and the calming blue waters, you will find yourself at the ultimate wellbeing oasis. Occupying some 5.4 million square meters of lush coastal land, the lagoons and mangrove forests of Al Zorah are home to an astonishing variety of native marine and plant life, and also shelter flocks of resident and migratory birds. Fact Check: Ajman’s coastline stretches for 16 kms along the Arabian Gulf, and a landscaped parkway leads from Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road to Al Zorah.

How much does it cost?

The resort's curated retreat programs are designed by medical experts and health professionals, with a requirement of a stay of at least two nights. If you opt in for a Wellcation (minimum two nights) inclusive of a stay in a premium room, meals and a couple of varied sessions, it will cost you Dh1,653/night. These include selected nutrition plans, nutrition and supplements, medical analysis, and a range of wellness choices to indulge in like Turkish Hammam Ritual, yoga and spiritual healing sessions daily, etc.

What are the types of programmes one can enroll for?

Upon arrival, Zoya's professional medical and wellbeing experts carry out a full assessment and create a personalised journey designed to each guest’s specific needs and lifestyle. Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Weight Management, Rejuvenation, Liver Support, and more.

ZOYA combines unique cutting-edge medical science, physiotherapy, first-rate nutrition, and the latest advances in aesthetics to nourish the body and invigorate the mind. A few six-night retreats include choices like Detox , Weight Management, Anti-Aging, Get Fit, Immune Support and more. The prices vary, for instance the Get Fit comes at Dh1941/night, and Weight Management at Dh1055/night.

What is included in the programme?

Detoxing and therapeutic fasting are essential to what the resort offers, along with physiotherapy, rehab, and integrative and aesthetic medicine to boost vitality and vigour.

They also specialise in non-toxic, non-invasive, and non-surgical beauty treatments, with an emphasis on organic, preservative free and cruelty free products. In between treatments, guests can opt for daily yoga sessions, dip their feet in the pool, enjoy the jacuzzi, bike around the lush coastal land of Al Zorah, and more. There is adequate free time allocated each day to go to the beach, relax by the pool or chill out in the room.

What are the benefits?

In the beginning of the stay, an introductory consultation will acquaint the experts of needs and concerns; and after your retreat, you will be provided with helpful tips to follow when home. While we’re all aware of the basic benefits of exercising, eating a balanced diet, and getting enough sleep; often we forget that getting away from routine can promote good health too. A wellness retreat boosts health and wellbeing through psychological, physical, and spiritual activities. Whether you want to modify your relationship with your health, food, or self-esteem, or you have experienced emotional or mental disbalance, there is a suitable wellness retreat for you available. Of course, consuming meals at the restaurant, where a strict “clean food policy” is followed, will only enhance the experience. Under the able leadership of Rusvel Trujillo, Executive Chef, nutritionists and chefs combine healthy ingredients into fine-dining menus; specialties include enzyme-rich cold-pressed juices, nutritious organic salads and low-calorie desserts.

Our verdict

Often, one gets overwhelmed with the idea of ‘submitting’ to a wellness regime on a break, however, at this resort the blend of relaxation and rejuvenation, workout and nutrition, and more sits in perfect balance. As one works (heals) or rather learns about the needs of one’s body in the fast-paced lives, one goes home knowing that a healthy lifestyle is just one ingredient, one step, or one session away. In short, the space offers more than green juices and PT sessions.

Check List

  • 25 minutes from Dubai International Airport, 20 minutes from Sharjah International Airport

  • An outdoor swimming pool with heated jacuzzi, aqua gym and indoor therapy pools.

  • Rooms choices include, Premium, Superior, Deluxe Suite and Royal Suite

  • You can take part in many detoxifying and relaxing treatments to support the healing process (sauna, steam baths, hydrotherapy).

  • A varied exercise programme will play an important role in your stay at the spa, often encompassing group hikes, aqua gymnastics, meditation or yoga.


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