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Dubai: a beauty brand that offers more than just pretty

The KIND Collective set out to create a range of consciously driven, vegan and

multi-purpose cosmetics that anybody could add to their beauty routine

KIND launched in 2021 to celebrate individuality and empower everyone to be the best version of themselves, and a year after its debut in Australia, The KIND Collective made its entry into the GCC market (2022) with a mission to add consciously driven, multi-purpose cosmetics to everybody’s beauty routine. Proudly Australian-owned, its hero products are Australian-made, using mindfully selected nourishing, active and natural ingredients; the brand desires to become the new go-to for beauty consumers looking for active, nourishing, and cutting-edge cosmetics. The range is cruelty-free, 100% vegan and PETA certified. Founded by Lynda Chapman and Pia Dwyer, two women who are passionate about equality, empowering women and giving back to society; they are committed to kinder and sustainable practices for a better future as well as philanthropic initiatives that are making a difference. So, when did they think about entering the UAE market and why? Their partner, FACES, made it possible for them to bring the brand to the UAE. The duo felt that there was a huge opportunity in the UAE market for a brand like theirs, for women in the UAE are not only passionate and very knowledgeable about beauty, but they also have an appetite for brands offering high-performing vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics. “Another key brand pillar here is the culture of supporting women. As a business founded and run by a team of women, we were excited about the fact that women in this region are empowered and are fast becoming pioneers in various fields, and we wanted to be part of this,” they said. And how is the UAE market different from your other areas of operation? The brand takes pride in keeping the local KIND target consumer at the heart of what they do by working with a local team of experts to ensure something exciting is offered. “We believe there is a huge opportunity for KIND at a time when the industry is embracing trailblazing women-owned businesses.”

  • Who: Lynda Chapman and Pia Dwyer, Founders, The KIND Collective

  • What: The KIND Collective, a cruelty-free, 100% vegan and PETA-certified range of cosmetics

  • When: 2022

  • Where: Dubai

So, to start with, throw light on conscious beauty buying for a layman, what does it entail in terms of processes, ingredients and beyond? Their top tip is to understand that sustainability and conscious consumerism is a journey; and that no one is perfect or gets it right every time. “It’s about making choices that are kinder to your skin, animals, and the environment in your day-to-day life. Educate yourself on principles that are important to you — from animal welfare to sustainability,” they said. Also, they added how gone are the days when natural meant low or no performance, for many natural ingredients have proven to be effective solutions while also being better for the environment, “Plant-based ingredients such as Kakadu Plum, Liquorice Root Extract and Avocado Oil are kind to skin and are often better tolerated by sensitive skin,” they added. A new business comes with a set of challenges, and they did face their set, “The two that come to mind are agility and prioritising time/resources. Being agile has been critical to our success and growth. It has allowed us to adapt quickly and respond with effective solutions. While these challenges at times were not the ideal conditions, they allowed us to adapt to real consumer needs and challenges and design a range and message that is right for what customers need. We have been in a fortunate position of having amazing opportunities, and it was only a matter of making sure we were clear on the vision and strategy for the brand moving forward,” they said.

A cruelty-free, 100% vegan and PETA-certified range of cosmetics

  • Consciously driven, vegan, and multi-purpose cosmetics that can be added to everybody’s beauty routine

  • Boxes made from TreeFree bamboo packaging

  • Proudly Australian-owned, its hero products are Australian-made, using mindfully selected nourishing, active and natural ingredients

  • Powered by an aspiration to empower women

  • Hugely focused on initiatives that support a host of charities that are making a difference for animals

Isn’t 'green' purchasing known to be more expensive from a consumer POV? “It can be, but we don’t believe it should be,” they said. The brand lays importance on being transparent on where their products are made and the steps that are taken to ensure the range is high in standards sans compromising on efficacy or price. “This includes important practices such as PETA accreditation, our boxes being made from TreeFree bamboo packaging, and our hero Australian-made range,” they added. And where do they see themselves five years from now? “We truly love what we do, and hope things will be on the same trajectory. Also, we would like to expand beyond cosmetics into other categories including holistic wellness space.” And what can one expect in the world of beauty soon? Consumers are demanding more from beauty brands and companies, which is a good thing. “They are holding the industry to account, and this has led to technological advancements for sustainability and a greater focus on cosmetic innovation. Hybrid, multi-purpose beauty products will continue to be a big trend. From ingestible beauty products to health-led ones, beauty will continue to be viewed as a holistic experience instead of just a cosmetic product,” they signed off.


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