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Dubai, Diwali: From truffles to gold dust, the must-eat foods

Even IKEA has rolled out a Diwali menu

Rolled in gold dust

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is offering the W – Gold exclusive edition, the sweet and sour nature of the Middle East's exclusive offering is finished with a fine-dusted layer of gold and is made with the most exquisite flavours of liquorice and chocolate. The combination of fresh sweet raspberries, creamy white chocolate and a core of sweet liquorice guarantee a gourmet experience like no other; of course, the edition rolled in golden dust completes the refinement!

A wild mushroom truffle kulcha

Freestyle Indian restaurant Roobaru's (Burj Khalifa Blvd, Dubai) Diwali specials (until October 26) include the Wild Mushroom Truffle Kulcha, which is a preparation of an Indian sourdough naan stuffed with seared wild mushrooms, topped with delicious sliced black truffle. Desserts include a Coco for Yuzu, a homemade coconut dome parfait with yuzu citrus filling on a biscuit base with a zesty lemon glaze. For chocolate lovers, there is RM² Chocolate Bar, a marbled chocolate mousse bar with chocolate crunch atop a Parle G biscuit base.

Butter Chicken and more, starting at Dh15 only

IKEA has re-introduced a special Indian menu to kick off the festival of lights. For a limited time only, you can savour comfort foods at all IKEA restaurants (12.00 pm until 9.00pm) starting at Dh15! The menu includes a popular selection of main dishes such as Tandoori Prawn with mixed vegetables, Classic Butter Chicken with cumin rice, Lasooni Paneer and Shahi Lamb Biryani. End the feast on a sweet note with Gulab Juman and add Punjabi Samosa on the side.

Jalebi-Pista-Rabri, all in one

Chefs at Bombay Bungalow, The Beach Mall, UAE’s homegrown and Michelin Guide-featured restaurant, have crafted a festive array of dishes (until October 31) to mark the occasion. The must-eats include Aloo Tamatar Gosht, a braised tomato and potato mutton curry and Paneer Do Pyaza. The highlight is the dessert combo, Jalebi-Pista-Rabri, fermented deep-fried flour coil with Rabri! Now that’s a sweet deal.

A berry vegetable biryani

All-day Indian eatery at DIFC, Bombay Borough's limited-time-only set menu (until October 31) in honour of the festival of light includes eight dishes across starters, small plates, big plates and desserts over a four-course set menu. Highlights on the menu include Coastal Chicken and Sago Salad. A variety of dishes are available in the Big Plat section, such as a classic favourite, Berry Vegetable Biryani and Kashmiri Naan Kebab.


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