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Fashion Talk: Summer styles, that will totally work for fall too

J Lo gave us serious summer dress goals! Didn’t she? And since UAE summer is going to last longer than we thought (or think each year), it’s time to add a handful of summer dresses to our closet. And the best part, these dresses would totally work for fall too.

Marks & Spencer's linen rich polka dot slip Dress made using breathable linen-rich fabric offers a feminine v-neckline with thin straps

How to choose a dress?

“With a modern, high-low styling approach, we see more love for feminine dresses with fresh in-house designed prints in easy, wearable styles,” said Francesca Zedda, Head of Styling, Marks & Spencer. “We have made it easy for our customers to find the perfect summer dress keeping in mind two crucial style features — quality material and vibrant statement prints. You can embrace the warm weather wearing linen, breathable, and quality pieces made to last,” she added. “Wear a colour or print that complements your complexion,” advised Brooke Tate, stylist, Wear That, a digital styling platform that offers women a personal styling experience from the comfort of their homes.

You can never go wrong with a lightweight, flowing dress designed for easy, and versatile dressing.

Francesca Zedda, Head of Styling, Marks & Spencer

Hey Marly’s taupe sandals with gold brilliant life straps and classic beige sandals with rose brilliant life straps work for a perfect accessory

How to style your summer dress in the fall

“I recommend upping the game with the right accessories; don’t be afraid to play with a mix of footwear, scarves, hats, bags, et al.,” said Pamina Weiss, designer, Hey Marly, a fashion accessories brand. With Hey Marly, you can choose between colourful and chic interchangeable straps for the sandals, plus the bases come in different hues too. “Get the most out of your summer dresses by styling them in a fresh way for fall. Just add cowboy boots and a leather biker jacket for a new season spin, or layer a blazer and preppy loafers to create an office-appropriate look,” said Brooke. "Most fashion experts say less is more and that applies to adding accessories to your outfit. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear any jewellery at all; a dainty necklace and a nice watch is all you really need to polish off your look," said the experts from OVS, an Italian men's and women's apparel brand. For the perfect day out in the sun, slip into M&S Linen Blend Animal Print Shift Dress, which combines classic and contemporary styles. “These dresses are a staple for those relaxed daytime beach attire, paired with sandals and sunglasses or styled with a belt and heels to turn it into an evening look,’’ added Francesca.

Every girl needs a charming summer/fall dress in her wardrobe.

Pamina Weiss, designer, Hey Marly

What’s ruling the fashionscape?

“Animal print, cocoa shades, luxe leather and Y2K-inspired looks are some of our big trends focuses for this season but we also believe that investing in brilliant basics and timeless staples is a must for outfit building all year,” said Brooke. Embroidery, applique, lace inserts, pleat details, et al features across the M&S range, with a confident and uplifting colour palette, “That complements the change in mindset as we start to plan outfits for events,” added Francesca. Pamina added how it is important to prioritise your comfort when choosing a pair, “If your feet are aching you won’t look or feel your best. If the sandals can be customised to suit every style, that is a big plus.”

Fit always comes first; choose a silhouette that you feel confident and comfortable in.

Brooke Tate, stylist, Wear That

Wear That suggests staying your summer dresses in a fresh way for the fall

Quick tips

1. Footwear: A standout pair of sandals is key when it comes to accessorising, go in for a pair that is

not only stylish but also comfortable and functional.

2. Hat: Adorning a hat is an easy, breezy way to accessorise as it provides both a layer of style as well as protection for your hair.

3. Scarves: Lightweight and pretty, but not meant to keep you warm. These are more of a style accent to add a subtle splash to your outfit. A scarf can add style by tying it around your neck, tying it to your purse or tote for an extra accent, or wearing it as a hair accessory.

4. Tote bags: Carry one for a perfect casual day at the office, an afternoon with the girls, or even a laid-back date. It is an effortless outfit addition that is both functional and trendy. (As told by Pamina Weiss, designer, Hey Marly)


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