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Purva Grover is an art editor, who has covered arts in the region for over a decade, from writing about it in a UAE national newspaper to being the Media Partner for World Art Dubai (March 23). She has her pulse on the art scene & her interest lies in sharing stories of people, platforms that aren't spoken of, as loudly as they should! 

We're proud to announce an exciting initiative to honour Art Spaces in the UAE. Think galleries, studios, and more. Any place the heart of which is arts — dance, paintings, sculptures, music, et al.

And we're happy to share that you can be included in this honours list, the 'ART TOUR WITH PURVA GROVER'. Congrats! 

Your work in art matters and will now gain widespread exposure among art buyers & collectors, and admirers! To help us further on this, please fill in the below questions with your details and send the same to us at, with the subject line: ART TOUR WITH PURVA GROVER. 

  • Gallery name:

  • Owner/Representative name:

  • Brief bio (150 words): 

  • Your social media channels (Insert links)

Your registration cost: AED 120; includes a copy of each of Purva's books: The Trees Told Me So & She.

Link for payment (please select delivery option): CLICK HERE

To further support the arts in the region, the art editor now brings to you for the first time the 'ART TOUR WITH PURVA GROVER'. If selected, as part of the SERIES, you will receive

  1. a certificate acknowledging your inclusion in the series,

  2. a newsletter shoutout to our network of art lovers,

  3.  an email blast highlighting you and your space to our network of art editors, investors, buyers, and collectors (over 10,000 worldwide)

  4. and if you are fortunate, a chance to get featured on art stories that the editor works on globally & locally


- Coverage as a part of the ART TOUR WITH PURVA GROVER (Written Series) on featuring the space, individual, and works. Read Purva's stories on art & culture here

- Coverage as a part of the ART TOUR WITH PURVA GROVER (Podcast Series) on Spotify. featuring the space, individual, and works. 

The above are paid options.


Once you have registered,

make a selection from the WRITTEN or PODCAST series

to receive the link for the next steps, which will include your questionnaires, date & time slots, & payment link!

Your registration cost (AED 120) will be deducted from the final amount you pay for the coverage.

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