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A love note from the skin to the ampoule

Doctors and sages in white coats advise us well:

"Feed your body's hunger with vitamins' spell,

Dance the alphabet cycle with A, B, and C,

Blend them all into your diet with glee."

But what of our skin, often left in the lurch?

Hair gets its nutrients, yet skin’s left in the search.

Beyond Vitamin E, our knowledge seems thin,

But a sunny morning in Dubai, UAE, revealed our skin's hidden hymn.

Parched and discomforted, our skin sang its plea,

So we opened an Arcaya ampoule with a heart full of glee.

With a pop and a snap, a ritual began,

Applying the elixir with a gentle hand.

Five days hence, a love note was penned,

From our grateful skin to its new liquid friend.

Dear Ampoule,

From the start, I was smitten by your faint, soothing scent,

As I cracked open your vessel, my devotion was spent.

It took a few tries to master the snap,

But each drop of your essence felt like a soft lap.

You, with your water-like touch, so light,

My pores, freckles, and wrinkles rejoiced at the sight.

Vitamins A, C, E, F, and B6,

In your golden-hued nectar, a nourishing mix.

Our bond is fresh, yet twice a day, we meet,

Morning’s embrace and night’s gentle treat.

I cannot foretell the beauty you’ll bring,

But I feel your magic; my skin starts to sing.

Elasticity blooms, radicals flee,

With you, I face the day’s challenges with glee.

Natural and kind, cruelty-free you stand,

A rare treasure that aligns with my heart’s command.

I dance with joy knowing your worth,

A gem that brings both beauty and mirth.

Excited am I for the journey ahead,

With you, dear ampoule, my skin's spirit is fed.

Now pardon me as I rush to your side,

To feel fresh and rejuvenated, with you as my guide.

In anticipation, 

Your lover

P.S: Say hello to the ampoule here.


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