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Do you keep aside time to declutter your life?

Every now and then we get obsessed with detox diets. We begin to monitor every single sugar crystal, evaluate the greens, and drink the berries. We do so to get rid of the toxins in our body — read: the unwanted. We watch out for the signals and get into action. Of course, many of the signs don’t warrant a trip to the doc, but we know that something is wrong and needs to be paid heed to. We follow the same steps when it comes to our wardrobe too. We bring out everything in there and then divide it into piles — Not Worn In Two Years, Can’t Remember Why I Bought It, Doesn’t Fit In Anymore, et al. Our cleaned out wardrobe is pretty and organised. In short, we believe in the words detox and declutter. We make a conscious effort to get rid of items that aren’t required anymore. But, how often do we that when it comes to life?

Do you ever make note of gloomy days wondering what or who is responsible for it? More importantly, do you do anything about it? Do you ever keep aside time to declutter your life? Maybe not. It’s said that you should surround yourself with beautiful things like daisies; the same holds good for people too — you should surround yourself with beautiful people. And it’s not as tough as you may imagine.

Because in life we do have a choice to disconnect just that often we don’t exercise the right or delay it — out of fear, peer pressure, uncertainty, ignorance, courtesy self-blame or pure laziness. Little do we know, we’re harming ourselves in the process. Just like you can say no to what you don’t want to eat, you can say no to be surrounded by what you don’t wish to be — a plant or a person. At work or at home, you can apply filters. If there’s a work associate, who speaks to you only when he/she needs something from you — you can choose to cut off all communication, the customary Good Morning greeting included. If there’s a friend, who is always too keen to burden you with her/his problems — you can express your concern to distance yourself from the negativity. You don’t have to beat yourself up — changing yourself to suit the person you are interacting with. Many of us make a mistake of reading ill behaviour towards us as a fault in us – maybe we did something bad or maybe it is a certain bad trait in us. Instead, we should look at it as a sign to declutter.

Like someone once said, you are not here to win a popularity contest. It is okay for people to dislike you and another way round too. Time to create piles in our head. Right? Who’s saying you throw away everything; simply learn to leave the top shelf for the outfits that make you feel needed, beautiful. Today, make a promise to surround yourself with people who bring a smile to your face. The rest of the things fall in place. Once you do that, you will be surprised by how little time you are left with for anybody else. Plus, your mind and body will be so grateful.


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