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Dubai: Few of our favourite terraces

Stunning views, aesthetic settings, and cooler weather — it’s time to hit the outdoors. We look at what makes a terrace stand out

With harmony as the key, the Brunch & Cake terraces complete the inside by creating comfortable spaces

As the weather gets cooler and we spend more time outdoors — over picnics, dinners, brunches and BBQs, we dig deeper to understand the aesthetic landscapes of a few terraces in Dubai. An aesthetic terrace design is said to incorporate five key elements i.e. line, form, texture, colour and scale. What is the most important one as per experts, and how do they create spaces that are the ideal destinations for sunny lunches, post-work catch-ups, and relaxed dinners under the stars?

Sayf, summer in Arabic, is set to add a spark this winter, with its outdoor setting and a gorgeous view

The correct selection of style, colour and finishing sets the tone and creates harmony at Alaya

Colours play a big part

“Sayf, Festival Bay, has been designed to evoke a playful, carnival atmosphere, rich in colour throughout the furniture, finishes and lighting. A concept surrounded by greenery, the venue awakens the nostalgic happiness we remember from our childhood, being mesmerised by the bright colours of a carnival or a theme park. So, it's definitely the colours for us,” said Khaled Sharan and Ceebo Shah, founders, Creative Clinic. Surrounded by a lush green garden, Sayf (7 Management group), set to open next month, aspires to present music and dance in an environment of playfulness, carnival lights and pop-art installations. The energy of the concept is focused on the stage, which sits at the center of the venue. “Through its round, multi-level design, our terrace guarantees that everyone has the best seat in the house and be in the middle of the action, no matter where they’re sitting,” added Khaled and Ceebo.

Designed to adapt to the buzzing dining scene of Downtown Dubai, the aesthetics of Couqley’s terrace is laid-back and cosy, with vast greenery and flowers surrounding the space. It’s a rich space with lots of perspective and a range of elements; but it also stays grounded to the signature charm of the brand.

Ana D’Castro, Interior Architect and Visual Artist, Couqley French Brasserie

A sense of scale is critical

Alaya, DIFC, is surrounded by magnificent architecture — one of the major factors that the team had to keep in mind when designing the terrace here was the scale. “Having the correct scale effectively makes a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the outdoor space. We took into consideration the different elements that are at play, the foliage and greenery, furnishings, tile claddings and the lighting and décor. How we pull these all together is one of the most vital design decisions we made during the design process. We considered how the eye will move from the indoor restaurant to the outdoor terrace and onto the architectural backdrop that is DIFC,” said Juan Alvarez, Director, Sagrada Studio. Alaya's outdoor space boasts two outdoor areas across the terrace. The covered terrace offers an intimate and formal dining experience, while the airy patio-like terrace adorned with umbrellas offers guests a more casual rendezvous setting. “The chic terrace is an extension of Alaya’s worldly voyage through the Mediterranean, with touches of Middle Eastern sensibilities. The magnificent outdoor space is clad in emerald mosaic tiles, plush coral-toned chairs, and Orient-inspired umbrellas to offer shade,” added Juan.

With its central location, the Alaya terrace offers an outdoor retreat, an oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, with its refreshing greenery, vibrant design elements, and open and bright atmosphere.

Juan Alvarez, Director, Sagrada Studio (Alaya)

The Couqley terrace transports guests to the historical region of Provence in France

In tune with elements of nature

Form and colour were extremely important for Couqley, which takes inspiration from the French Brasserie concept. The terrace at their newest location in Downtown Dubai spans the entire restaurant length and overlooks the Dubai Canal and skyline. "The design and colour of the furniture on the terrace were selected to highlight the different lighting elements throughout the day. Since the terrace is facing the sunset, there is a magical golden light that accentuates the look and feel of the space and the furniture before entering the evening mood that is lit up by antique black lights," said Ana D’Castro, Interior Architect and Visual Artist, Couqley French Brasserie. Here is a terrace with lush greenery, and purple and yellow bougainvillea hanging from a canopy and weaved within black antique lights. A long mustard yellow banquette, white mosaic tables with casted iron feet and traditional black and white weaved armchairs, face the water canal with a mesmerising sunset that fills the whole space with a magical golden aura.

The highlight of the venue is the oversized hot air balloons that soar into the sky, positioned to look like they’re flying. As an installation, they bring together the carnival vibes and elevate the concept to an unforgettable experience.

Khaled Sharan and Ceebo Shah, founders, Creative Clinic (Sayf)

It feels like home

At Brunch & Cake, the terraces are an extension of the indoor areas, with a focus on creating aesthetically pleasing spaces that feel homely. "Our terraces are an extension of the ethos and colour is probably the most important element. We have recognisable terraces, which are mainly from the furniture and material choice, which is natural wood colour with an off-white or pastel yellow material (our brand colours). Our parasols blend within the entire outdoor aesthetics and are made of a similar material to the seating," said a member of the Brunch & Cake Design Team. The brand is known for its iconic locations, offering customers spectacular views from all of the terraces — the Jumeirah Islands venue is lakeside, The Pointe is by the sea, with a frontal view of the Atlantis, Wasl 51 catches a glimpse of the Burj Khalifa, and Marsa al Bateen is situated on the Marina.


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