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Fans are the soundtrack to an IPL game!

A boardgame of Scrabble isn’t complete unless you’ve had a fun squabble with another player over how the score was incorrectly arrived at. You have to sigh and shriek, just to get into the game mode, most siblings would agree on that. Likewise, a sport isn’t complete without the soundtrack of the fans. It’s the fans that make a game, even the players agree with that. As a batsman, you draw your energy from the collective sighs. As a bowler, you absorb and deliver to the loud cheers of the fans. And as fans, we all agree, that we need to make some noise. A Not Out decision by the third umpire needs to be celebrated with a high-five, an impromptu dance even. A boundary deserves the sudden jumping off from our chairs, followed by a louder, YES!  

This IPL, the soundtrack will be on mute. Perhaps, the authorities will place dummy cardboard crafted fans, or you at home can play stadium sounds in the backdrop. The empty stadiums will haunt all of us alike. Only a few of us will dare (safety, first) to gather at a pub to watch the game, together. Fewer still will gather around one telly screen, rooting for their teams. The cheerleaders with the pom-poms would be missing, or if there, would be in masks.

We’re all geared up to welcome the Covid-19 season of the IPL, nevertheless. So, what If our live commentary with every ball, will have no takers, except the dog, sitting beside us, wondering what’s got into us. It’s after all the season of cricket, let nothing dampen your spirit to cheer on. Look upon DIY pom-poms tutorials, get your kids to make them (this will keep them away from the screen for a bit) and dance away to glory, for no one is watching.


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