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World Art Dubai 2024 Unveils 12 International Pavilions Showcasing Global Artistic Diversity & Reinforcing Dubai’s Status as Arts Powerhouse

  • The region’s largest contemporary art fair returns, in partnership with Dubai Culture, to the Dubai World Trade Centre from 2nd – 5th May 

  • Tickets for World Art Dubai are available on Platinumlist:

World Art Dubai (WAD), the region's largest contemporary art fair, is set to mark its 10th edition by unveiling 12 international pavilions dedicated to showcasing the vibrant artistic diversity from countries and regions around the world. From 2nd to 5th May 2024, art enthusiasts will have the opportunity to explore artworks from different pavilions, including the UAE, America, Asia, China, Europe, GCC, India, Iran, Japan, Russia, and the UK, highlighting the universal language of art that transcends borders. 

The fair, held at Dubai World Trade Centre in partnership with Dubai Culture, will feature over 4,000 artworks from over 65 countries presenting a dynamic snapshot of Dubai’s unique blend of local and international influences and reinforcing the city’s position as an arts powerhouse for the Global South, elevating the global positioning of WAD. 

The international pavilions also stand as cultural gateways, each offering a unique window into the country or region’s artistic heritage and contemporary creativity. From the traditional to the avant-garde, these pavilions curate a rich tapestry of artistic expressions, underscoring the universal language of art that unites us all. Each pavilion is a testament to the global nature of World Art Dubai and its commitment to fostering cultural exchange and appreciation, as well as adding positive economic impact to a city where 9% of the GDP comes from tourism.

World Art Dubai's landmark 10th edition will showcase a diverse array of pavilions and artists from around the world including:

UAE and GCC Pavilion Highlights:

The UAE and GCC Pavilions will spotlight both the talent of residents who call Dubai home and talented citizens, demonstrating how the two populations exist and interact through their creative drives. These artists include Daria Avdeeva, Javeria Khan and Francine Kaspar, presenting their vibrant artworks that harmoniously blend classical techniques with contemporary interpretations, reflecting the UAE's multicultural identity. Additionally, Hend Rashed, a Dubai-based abstract artist, will present her dynamic creations. With a repertoire spanning seven years at prestigious exhibitions worldwide, including in Singapore, Oman and Italy, Rashed's artistry has earned her nominations for the UAE Residence Artist Award by World Art Dubai for three consecutive years.

Coming from further afield in the region Bahraini artist Leena Al Ayoobi, Iraqi artist Nabil Ali, and Lebanese artist Lydia Moawad will bring their unique artistic visions, blending cultural influences and personal experiences to create compelling artworks that demonstrate the wide variety of styles and cultural influences that exist in Middle Eastern art.

Representing Diverse Global Regions:

The pavilions of World Art Dubai feature artistic fusion among cultures, continents, and art schools that converge in Dubai from diverse global regions. The Europe Pavilion, curated by Tablinum Cultural Management, presents innovative contemporary art, with artists like Tatiana Kramarenko, Follow Med, and Petr Shebarshin exploring themes of chaos, spirituality, and life's profundity. China's presence, facilitated by Artaflo Collective from Hong Kong, reflects the belief in art as a universal language. India's offering showcases the dynamic art scene through Sanuj Birla's pop art, Raihan R Vadra's immersive installations, and Niyati Parekh's art and interior design. 

Japan Promotion's 'Japan Tide' project presents a curated blend of traditional and contemporary Japanese arts. The Russia Pavilion, featuring Igor Kirillov and IMMI Art, offers immersive experiences in romantic hyperrealism. Iran's pavilion, represented by Ronas Gallery and Negara Group, highlights the vibrant contemporary art scene. Insights from America, Asia, and the UK, including contributions from the Museum of Modern Renaissance, Art Muse Gallery, and Lenny Lopes, respectively, offer fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to art.

World Art Dubai's 10th edition underscores our commitment to making art accessible and celebrating the diversity of the global art scene. The 12 international pavilions serve as portals, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a vibrant mosaic of artistic expressions and explore a rich tapestry from around the world.
Asma Al Sharif, Assistant Vice President at Exhibitions, Dubai World Trade Centre

Spotlight on Legacy and Innovative Artists:

Notable legacy exhibitors include Japan Promotion and Art Plus Photographers Production who have been loyal exhibitors at the fair for the past eight years, highlighting their longstanding commitment to World Art Dubai. Alongside them, new artists like Rinko Lim and Liz Ramos-Prado bring fresh perspectives to the Dubai art scene.

Rinko Lim uniquely blends art, design, and energy therapy, harnessing her experiences from the United States to delve into themes of self-discovery and spiritual wellness. Meanwhile, Liz Ramos-Prado seamlessly merges graphic design with fine art, bridging the gap between commercial and personal artistic expressions. With a decade-long career in the UAE's media and design landscape, Ramos-Prado's work delves into the intricacies of human emotion. 

With Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown, the first certified boutique hotel in the United Arab Emirates, proudly serving as the fair's Art Hotel Partner, in addition to Al Hathboor Group, the fair’s Artistic Sponsor, and an anticipated turnout of over 15,000 visitors, World Art Dubai 2024 is set to offer an immersive cultural journey, celebrating the transformative impact of art and its ability to forge global connections.

Secure your tickets for World Art Dubai now on Platinumlist:

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About World Art Dubai 

World Art Dubai (WAD) returns for its 10th edition, bringing all forms of art from all over the world for art lovers searching for diverse, accessible and original art from private collectors and connoisseurs to corporate and first-time buyers in search of diverse, and original art for their homes, businesses, or clients. Featuring +4,000 pieces from around the globe, WAD unites +300 galleries and artists from +65 countries from around the world, each with their own unique take on art, WAD hosts thousands of artwork pieces from renowned galleries and solo artists from around the world under one roof, from 2-5 May 2024 at Dubai World Trade Centre. Where the world’s art comes together, WAD offers visitors a chance to explore an exciting and accessible world of art through paintings, prints, sculptures, and street and digital art, from emerging artists, pop-art icons and fashion art disrupters to experimental expressionists and fine art and photography practitioners.

The four-day event features activities for every level of art enthusiast, inclusive of practical workshops, talks, art consultancy, live performances, and, new for 2024 a matchmaking programme between artists and galleries.

For the full schedule, please visit


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