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Pineapple a contentious pizza topping but just the place to stay!

If there were to be a contest for the most loved fruit, the chance of a pineapple winning would be courtesy of this hotel chain dedicated to the fruit

Art is all around you. If you live a stone's throw away from Union Square, San Francisco, you know you will breathe in art throughout your visit. It's April (2024), and coming from the Middle East (Dubai, UAE), we're enjoying the San Francisco winter a tad too much. But what's truly unique about our experience is that we've checked ourselves into Staypineapple, San Francisco, where the warmth of all things pineapple surrounds us — read yellow-golden hue wherever you look. The property takes its commitment to the fruit seriously, and we're smitten by how it romances the fruit aesthetically in every aspect possible without ever overstretching it. Ready to consume pineapple in all courses?


How does sipping detox water with pineapple slices sound for an icebreaker? Right at the hotel's entrance is the glass dispenser. Quench your thirst and relish the taste as you check-in. If you don't judge me, I'll confess right at the beginning (and get it off my chest!) that I devoured two pineapple-shaped and pineapple-flavored cookies (with sugar crystals) each day of my stay here. Now that that's behind us, let's discuss how art and fruit create an aesthetic symphony at this hotel. Also, did I mention that cookies are served complimentary each evening in the lobby? You can pick one or more from the tray; nobody judges your sweet tooth. This is just a glimpse of the hotel's commitment to pineapple-themed aesthetics and hospitality, which adds to its unique charm.


The hotel's spacious lobby is dotted with art of all kinds — abstract art in colorful hues, complemented by close-up photographs of nature (think: veins of a leaf to the beauty of dewdrops); what will also catch your eye is the heart-shaped mural showcasing a variety of chocolates! The sculptural structures of dresses with fabric manipulations in the lobby in dull gold are just what we call a work on the cusp between art and fashion. During our visit, I enjoyed enjoying my morning coffee in the lobby — the sleek chandelier, the lovely bookshelf, and the portrait of the dancing couple all come together to create a welcoming space amidst a blend of upholstery in gray and yellow. Yes, I wished the hotel had a full bar, lounge, or coffee shop to cater to guests beyond coffee hours, but then we relied on the refrigerator near the reception desk. It almost reminded me of hostel days but with luxury, a step away. During our stay, we walked around the neighborhood to galleries like Gallery 444, Christopher-Clark Fine Art, Martin Lawrence Galleries, and more.

Under these roofs, we were face-to-face with the works of legends like Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, and more. Little did we know that some of the most famous art pieces are home to this neighborhood.  Sadly, we did learn that Union Square lost much of its soul and vibe to the pandemic, and we sensed it, especially in the evening hours, as the place turned quieter. However, the hotel's location and nearby attractions still provide plenty of entertainment and dining options. 

main course

But if you are looking for drama, there's enough of it all draped in yellow in the rooms. Ours was called the Drama Queen — and it was elegant yet quirky. Interestingly, the corridors to the rooms are lined up with beautifully shot images of San Francisco's famous spots and moments like Market Street circa 1886, the Opening Day Golden Gate Bridge (1937), etc. — all in Montone — complemented by the addition of vintage feel with adornments like mirror frames in dull gold and more.

Inside the comfort of our rooms, the mascot, with its pretty pineapple hat on our bed, holding the 'Bedding' card in its mouth, spoke of the hotel's commitment to comfort and sustainability — called The Naked Experience (a cozy, fresh, cuddly, luxurious, sleep-so-well, you-don't-remember-it night. Go ahead, Fall "In Sleep" With Us) —the duvets don't require wrestling, and the pillows invite snuggling. What's more, if you like anything in the room, you can buy it from the hotel — from the pillow to the mascot. Here's a friendly suggestion: Buy yourself the soft, cozy (of course, yellow) bathrobe! I can go on and on about the pineapple effect, from the mobile charger shape to coffee cups! Of course, the shower gel, shampoo, et al were all pineapple-scented. But you get the drift, don't you? What's a hotel without a hint of class, character, and comfort, right? Staypineapple has that, plus a little more —they know how to spoil you and then make you spend your money on retail. 

palate cleanser

With enough theatres and performing spaces next door (and varied options for dining) like Toni Rembe Theatre and Curran Theatre, you will be spoilt for choice on what to watch! We ended up on Sutter St one evening for a delightful evening put together by the Secret Improv Society San Francisco.


P.S. And if facts are to go by, then pineapple is slowly becoming one of America's favorite fruits; the average American consumes around 8 pounds of fresh pineapple each year, plus 2 pounds of canned pineapple — and that's not including pineapple juice, dried pineapple, or other products that contain pineapple such as certain baked goods! Of course, the fruit is considered a sign of hospitality — because of its incredible value — in the early 1900s, people also started to bring pineapples to the homes of friends and family members as a sign of love and hospitality. Now, all this is enough reason to check in, correct? Also, the hotel loves pets; yes, they're welcome, and we did see a few guests rent bikes; we were too happy to walk and explore though.


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