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#almostcricket, in a matter of days

Updated: 7 days ago

Number of Days for the ICC World Cup 2023 to start: 17 (Used Google to find the date and then counted on my fingers)

Number of World Cups held so far: 12

(Of course, Googled-ed)

Number of World Cups I’ve missed in my lifetime: 12

Number of matches in ICC World Cup 2023: 48

(Oh, come on, Google-ed)

Number of games (full) I’ve watched in my lifetime: 0

Number of games I wish I’d watched (any duration) in my lifetime: 0

The only numbers I care for:

Number of days the ICC World Cup 2023 will last: 46

(I have to now write for 17 + 46 days)

Number of days I’ve been married: 3979 (Used Google, was easier than wondering which were the leap years in between)

Number of days this project will last: (minus) 16 + 46 days

On a fateful morning of September 18, 2023, I had an idea (another!) to write something about #cricket. And because I like challenges and also because I am a tad foolish and courageous, I decided to share it on a public platform for everyone to read.

This is a foolish idea because

  1. I know nothing about cricket

  2. We all think we know something about cricket

  3. I am an Indian, I better know something about cricket

  4. Nobody READS anymore, we only watch REELS

  5. Nobody READS

  6. I may have got all of the above numbers wrong


  1. I have to write about cricket for 16 + 46 days


  1. Nobody READS

  2. I don’t have to pretend to know something about cricket

A hashtag I thought I'd never use


P.S.: I hope to write for the 17 + 46 days, so if you want to suffer (with me) keep coming back here for daily doses of what for now and for the lack of a better name I am calling my #notaboutcricket project, #almostcricket. If you’re into the LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE to the FREE PLAN (damn!!) way of living then, of course, you can do that too. I also accept gift cards, just saying. Reach me at

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