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#almostcricket, in a matter of days

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Number of Days for the ICC World Cup 2023 to start: 17 (Used Google to find the date and then counted on my fingers)

Number of World Cups held so far: 12

(Of course, Googled-ed)

Number of World Cups I’ve missed in my lifetime: 12

Number of matches in ICC World Cup 2023: 48

(Oh, come on, Google-ed)

Number of games (full) I’ve watched in my lifetime: 0

Number of games I wish I’d watched (any duration) in my lifetime: 0

The only numbers I care for:

Number of days the ICC World Cup 2023 will last: 46

(I have to now write for 17 days until the CWDC 2023 kickstarts)

Number of days I’ve been married: 3979 (Used Google, was easier than wondering which were the leap years in between)

Number of days this project will last: (minus) 17

On a fateful morning of September 18, 2023, I had an idea (another!) to write something about #cricket. And because I like challenges and also because I am a tad foolish and courageous, I decided to share it on a public platform for everyone to read.

This is a foolish idea because

  1. I know nothing about cricket

  2. We all think we know something about cricket

  3. I am an Indian, I better know something about cricket

  4. Nobody READS anymore, we only watch REELS

  5. Nobody READS

  6. I may have got all of the above numbers wrong


  1. I have to write about cricket for 17 days


  1. Nobody READS

  2. I don’t have to pretend to know something about cricket

A hashtag I thought I'd never use

P.S.: I hope to write for the 17 days, so if you want to suffer (with me) keep coming back here for daily doses of what for now and for the lack of a better name I am calling my #notaboutcricket project, #almostcricket. If you’re into the LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE to the FREE PLAN (damn!!) way of living then, of course, you can do that too. I also accept gift cards, just saying. Reach me at

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