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To dads, with love

Meaningful Father's Day Presents by The Gift of Stories

Father's Day is around the corner, and The Gift of Stories by Purva Grover makes for the perfect personalized presents for your father and father figures!

The Gift of Stories is the labour of love of journalist, author, poetess, playwright, stage director, TED X speaker, and creative entrepreneur, Purva Grover, who believes typography isn't just for body copy. It’s an artistic translation of the words of a writer converted into pieces of art for your home and gifting.

Whilst there should be a clear definition of what cooking substitutes, as children we’re easily sold with a limited-edition dad special menu, comprising instant noodles, an omelette, a bowl of mac and cheese, or even a cup of tea. We humour the dads, each time they step into the kitchen — even when the task at hand is to warm up a plate of leftover rice. Also, I am not hearing a word against dad, unless I am the one who is talking. And that kind of explains why our hearts melt at the sight of burnt toast presented by Dad.

So, if it's words that you are falling short of, then Gift of Stories by Purva Grover has got you covered, with their quirky, colourful and oh-so-me range of canvas prints, which will make one giggle, wonder and more. Available in different sizes and colours, these canvases are perfect inclusions on room walls, hallways and even studies and desks.

Personalized presents are the perfect way to show just how much you care about someone, and there are plenty to pick from. The range includes canvases named ‘Dad is the word!’, ‘How old are you?’, ‘You are my favourite notification’, ‘Do you speak millennial?’, ‘Scribble your feelings’ and so many more!

It’s the thought that counts after all, and The Gift of Stories canvases make for the most delightful presents for dads, this Father's Day!

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