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Brunch vs. a cocktail or a coffee!

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

A literary taste of both by Purva Grover

Writing short stories is tougher than writing a novel. You have to make an impression, hold the interest of the reader, and make sure he/she reads the next tale as well. It’s like getting someone’s attention over a quick coffee or drink (short story) vs. a brunch (novel). At the former, you have little time to make a reader fall in love with your words. Do you agree?

Summer was special; the time we'd all gather at their home. And there was always space for everyone: two Aunts, two Uncles, Mum, Dad and six grandchildren. I spent 18 ‘full’ summers with Granny, Grandpa and the mango tree. And while everything around us changed, we stuck to this one routine. It was a simple routine; a ritual that involved booking train (later, flight) tickets, packing bags and spending a few weeks in their home. None of us ever spoke of the worth of its existence or the consequences if it were to be discontinued. There was no need to discuss the ‘usual.’

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