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Wear BLUE, this Pinktober, October 22

We are delighted to share details of an upcoming free-to-attend event for men & women hosted by journalist, author & playwright Purva Grover.

The UnPink Ribbon: A Pinktober event, where we wear BLUE.

Pink Sells, but it Bleeds too: Are You Willing to Raise Awareness and Raise A Voice against Corporate Cancer?

1993. Left. Soul sister. Recurrence.

2000. Right. Survivor. Neighbour.

1988. Right. Stage 1. Hope.

2005. Left. Carpool partner. Miracle.

Breasts are an important part of our bodies, but we don’t talk about it. Only when it is October, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, do we utter the word breasts, and that too in the garb of pink cupcakes, mocktails, spas, buy one get one offers, et al. Sadly, the Corporate World over the last few years has begun to sell Pinktober, almost as they ‘sell’ a Valentine's Day — and hence forgotten that whilst Pink Sells, but it Bleeds too.

The UnPink Ribbon is your chance to raise awareness, get educated, and voice your thoughts against Corporate Cancer. Are you willing to change the narrative? Well, then, for starters, we can shatter one stereotype with another, by dressing up in BLUE. Of course, we love Pink, just that we have decided to embrace it another day — so, #wearblue when you drop by at this community, free-to-attend awareness event on October 22, Sunday, 11 a.m at Mogao by Socialicious, Dubai Digital Park, Street 73, DSO, Dubai.

P.S: The idea of the event is to not engage in any debates, we believe, and raise a toast to ‘awareness’ of all kinds and sizes.

What to expect?

  1. No pink cupcakes, no goodie bags, and no pink outfits.

  2. And MEN in the audience


  1. An immersive, interactive play-reading of the play, The UnPink Ribbon, scripted by a Dubai-based playwright, Purva Grover, to raise voice against CORPORATE CANCER. The bold, sensitive, and educational play has been previously performed at local theatre festivals, hospitals, coffee shops, lounges, et al.

  2. An educational workshop by Dr Rajul Matkar, an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. She has always had a keen interest in educating people and has conducted numerous awareness camps for women's health over 34 years of her practice.

  3. Complimentary breast cancer screening vouchers by Panacea Medical & Wellness Centre, Dubai.

  4. Complimentary Coffee and Cookies by Mogao by Socialicious

  5. Each guest has a choice to pick a card from the play deck, The UnPink Ribbon (at random), and read a few words from there, which will open the doors to a conversation. Also, each guest will learn how to self-examine for symptoms and receive a screening voucher.

The event in a nutshell

Free-to-attend: An interactive, immersive play reading, educational talk & more hosted by author & playwright Purva Grover

When: October 22, Sunday, 11 am until 1 pm

Open to: MEN and WOMEN

Dress Code: Strictly Blue (shattering a stereotype with another stereotype)

Where: Mogoa by Socialicious, Dubai Digital Park, Street 73, DSO, Dubai

Get social with us: @purvagr

We hope to see you at the event.


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