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Calling all women: Workshop, Nov 9

We are delighted to share details of an upcoming workshop for women conducted by journalist, author & creative educator Purva Grover.

Bookends, the largest marketplace for preloved books, has designed a workshop for mothers (non-mothers are welcome too) centered around expressing gratitude in these stressful times of world turmoil. Dubai-based creative educator and author Purva Grover will conduct the workshop. During the workshop, the attendees will take a moment to focus on gratitude and spiritual reflection. Via the creation of a gratitude circle, meditation, writing prompts and games, silent prayer, and sharing — participants can reflect on what they're thankful for. The handmade paper used for writing has been treated with coffee and turmeric, and graciously supplied by local art supplier SkriblBox. Includes: Writing material, unlimited coffee, and a gratitude token

Hosted by: Purva Grover, author & journalist

When: November 9, Thursday, 11 am-12 noon

For: Females (adults; not just for mothers)

Where: BOOKENDS, Dubai Digital Park, Building A3, Silicon Oasis. Dubai

Fees: Dh95/person

Includes: Writing material, unlimited coffee, and a gratitude token

Advance registrations mandatory

Request you to make the payment at the mentioned link and RSVP at Advance payment mandatory


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