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Antalya, Turkey: Of aroma-filled days

Wonderful whiffs. Inhale. Exhale. Spend some time at BAYOU Villas by Barut Hotels

Following the climate crisis & the pandemic, people are keen to turn more to nature, natural things, themselves, and sustainable life; BAYOU Villas is aware of these trends and sensitivities and acts accordingly


There is too much focus on sanitiser odours, car fumes, and rotten tomatoes

That soon, we will all forget what it means to breathe in the fragrance

We go about our lives chasing deadlines, walking up career ladders; running hurriedly to be able to reach the top. And, days turn into weeks, and weeks into years and decades, when we realise we haven't had a moment to stop and smell the flower (the highly recommended advice via the adage). It isn't that hard to stop, really, a whiff of fresh air and a concoction of scents is all that one needs to look in the direction of new breezes and feel optimistic and re-charged.

Start by paying attention to your next cup of coffee!

Phrase alert: Wake up and smell the coffee – a commonly-used phrase meaning to 'pay attention to a situation and try to do something about it'.

For two nights, I stayed at a three-bedroom villa; BAYOU Villas and I started by soaking in the aroma of my cuppa. I was engulfed in warm scents from day one. Thanks to BAYOU's customised and privileged services in gastronomy, art, sports, nature and wellness, I was offered a private space, where I could start each new day feeling good and energetic, enjoying different tastes, and breathing in freshness.

Missed how it all started? Head here. The five senses (and more) experience at Antalya Turkey. Discover the sense of SOUND OF HEALING.

In my villa, lay tiny bottles of scent, tempting me to take in a whiff and make a choice of which one I loved the most. My vote went in for Fiolas' Smooth Jazz and Opera. Fiolas, a Turkish brand, brings fragrance to living spaces and moments that are special to you.

A coffee addict, I found myself breathing in the refreshing beans at the gorgeous, aesthetic coffee space cum bakery and patisserie, The Coffee Project, (see images below) on the premises. Want to make your own cup? The special Lara Baurt coffee capsule collection in your villa (with a coffee machine, of course) will suffice and satisfy.

Next up, my travel companions and I found ourselves absorbing the scents of cinnamon, lavender, ylang-ylang, basil, orange, shea butter and more as we attended the Make My Day Workshop – Lotion Candle with Aromatherapy at Yasemin Bar, the cocktail bar. It was an enriching experience to make a selection from the scented oils, count in carefully (50 drops only), pick out the garnishes (if you may call the additions to the candles so) and fix the wick, and more. We all took home the aromas with us.

P.S.: The workshop is a must-try. When at the property, you could request the staff to book you for one. You will be glad you did.

Of course, the toiletries in the villas smelt as delicious and luxurious, courtesy of BULGARI.

Want to indulge more, book yourself a spa in your villa. Choose from the many options and let the aroma of the oils and the skill of the masseur transport you to another world. My masseur Nonika was brilliant and used a blend of olive oil with aromatic scents for the service.


Then, I will leave the city toxics behind for a few days

And, I will fill up my space with soothing scents, calming massages

(There is something magical about taking a moment to clink your wine glass, and breathe in the grapes before you take in a sip)


Then, I will leave the hush-rush of takeaway coffee cups

And, I will take a moment to watch the beans brewed


Then, I will wonder once again what is it that my heart likes

The scent of my favourite perfume that I wear to work daily or the whiff of a candle that I just hand-crafted



Ozkan Sen, Executive Chef, for all restaurants within Lara Barut Collection and Bayou Villas

Are you ready to explore the five senses at BAYOU Villas and embrace it all?

Come back to this space:

Next up, we discover the sense of TOUCHING: Hold. Trace. Tap.

TOUCH: Weaving threads, connecting with arts, et al.

Disclaimer: Sayers and philosophers often ask us to stop and smell the flowers. Little do they know that our lives are jammed up with tricky deadlines, urgent presentations, must-attend parents-teachers meets, sudden electricity failures, uninvited dinner guests, etcetera. And hence they suggest we include travelling as a mandatory activity in our schedules to not just smell the flowers but also do a lot more that our busy routines

don’t leave us time for. They remind us to pack our bags and drive down to a nearby place, hop on to a bus for a weekend trip, board a train for a lovely

ride or fly down to a gorgeous destination. This is a place where we relive some ordinary moments away from home. Yes, travelling does a lot more than transporting us to a different location; it revamps and refreshes our day with activities and moments that routine lives keep us away from.

Missed how it all started?

How to reach: I took a flight from Dubai to Istanbul (four hours plus, Turkish Airways), followed by a connecting flight via the same carrier to Antalya (one hour plus).

BAYOU Villas is aware of the trends and sensitivities when it comes to the climate crisis, self-care, and sustainability, and acts accordingly. BAYOU Villas have been designed to offer an accommodation experience in touch with the unique natural beauties of the Mediterranean, respectful to nature and fulfilling sustainable tourism criteria. It offers its guests the unique opportunity to be at a close distance to international airports while getting away from the rest of the world.


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