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Antalya, Turkey: The five (and more) senses experience

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

5. 9. 21. 53. How many senses does an individual have? You may become more aware of the classical five (and discover the rest) senses when at BAYOU Villas by Barut Hotels

BAYOU Villas is the latest initiative by Barut Hotels and the brand-new concept by Lara Barut Collection


There is so much focus on creating content

That soon we will all forget what it means to write

We go about our lives touching doors and dogs, smelling caffeine and cinnamon, looking at buildings and beaches, tasting donuts and avocados, hearing honks and heartbeats. We do all of this unknowingly, letting our five senses go about doing what they do best.

Of course, we know what are our five senses — sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell — each working to gather knowledge about our surroundings, interpreted by the brain. We make sense of all of it based on our earlier experiences (as we continue to learn) and by the collective data from each of the senses.

Too technical?

So, let’s make it simple via a story. For you know what I believe in:

Stories go to the heart, and facts go to the brain.

Purva Grover, author & journalist

As I weaved this tale of luxury and love, warmth and wonder, hospitality and homeliness, I took a moment to absorb, admire, and be in awe of all that my senses experienced as I spent two-days in the space called BAYOU Villas. Words from my window outside and inside the three-bedroom villa.

BAYOU Villas hosts its guests in 24 private villas on an area of 25 thousand m2.

Yes, we think we have only five senses, but as researchers claim we may have more, 9.21. 53. Even. We’ve always known that as individuals we’re capable of sensing much more than that, we just need to be in the right space, place, moment and time.


Then, one day, we’ll sense mindfully, the colours, the moods, the temperatures, and more.


Then, I will leave the home behind for a few days

And, I will scribble tales with a pencil in a notebook lying on my nightstand

(There is something magical about writing in hotel pads and broken pencil nibs)


Then, I will leave the laptop behind

And, I will take a moment to hit Alt + Ctrl + Del


Then, I will wonder once again what is it that my heart likes

The soothing sunrise or the sunset light



(Above. (L-R): My first book, The Trees Told Me So, yes, I signed a copy at the VILLAS, and of course, I used the stationery, the charm of hotel pads and broken pencil nibs)

Vocabulary alert: BAYOU means a marshy outlet of a lake or river/stream. The property is built around the concept of the word, with a soothing stream of water (pool) engulfing the rooms and villas.

BAYOU means a marshy outlet of a lake or river/stream

Are you ready to explore the five senses at BAYOU Villas and embrace it all?

Come back to this space:

First up, we discover the sense of HEARING: Play. Pause. Rewind. Forward.

SOUND: Hearing wind chimes, Tibetan bowls, beach waves, happy shrieks, et al.

We also take a moment to soak in the Wonderful whiffs. Inhale. Exhale.

SMELL: Antalya, Turkey: Of aroma-filled days.

Disclaimer: Sayers and philosophers often ask us to stop and smell the flowers. Little do they know that our lives are jammed up with tricky deadlines, urgent presentations, must-attend parents-teachers meets, sudden electricity failures, uninvited dinner guests, etcetera. And hence they suggest we include travelling as a mandatory activity in our schedules to not just smell the flowers but also do a lot more that our busy routines don’t leave us time for. They remind us to pack our bags and drive down to a nearby place, hop on to a bus for a weekend trip, board a train for a lovely ride or fly down to a gorgeous destination. This is a place where we relive some ordinary moments away from homes. Yes, travelling does a lot more than transporting us to a different location; it revamps and refreshes our day with activities and moments that routine lives keep us away from.

How to reach: I took a fight from Dubai to Istanbul (four hours plus, Turkish Airways), followed by a connecting flight via the same carrier to Antalya (one hour plus).

Located in close vicinity to the airport in Antalya, BAYOU Villas hosts its guests in 24 private villas on an area of 25 thousand m2. BAYOU Villas is the latest initiative by Barut Hotels and the brand-new concept by Lara Barut Collection affiliated to Barut Hotels that offers privilege, diligence and peace in every detail and serve its guests for 12 months of the year. With 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, each of these villas has swimming pools with fresh water and sea water in its garden. Designed with 4 different styles, these villas offer spacious spaces ranging from 50m 2 to 1.000 m2. Having started to welcome its guests as of October 2022, BAYOU Villas consists of several villa types featuring various privileges such as gym, spa, Turkish bath, piano, massage room and fully equipped kitchen.


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