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A six-course gourmet dinner and an immersive detective love story!

The inaugural immersive show, "SURREAL GASTRO THEATRE," made its captivating debut at Belcanto Restaurant within the opulent Dubai Opera.

Running from November 21, 2023, to March 8, 2024, this unique show, presented by WHAT ELSE, promises an unparalleled blend of immersive theatre and exquisite dining, featuring a total of 68 performances.

Famed guests graced the tables at Belcanto restaurant, adding to the glamour of the evening.

Comprising six scenes with dynamic changes in scenery and lighting, the show seamlessly integrated actors, dancers, and waiters, all adorned in costumes that evolved with the storyline. Guests found themselves immersed in a gripping detective plot, witnessing the mysterious disappearance of the opera diva Eleanor Cassetti. The upcoming dining experiences are curated by the culinary duo of Italian chef Fabrizio Lusenti, currently the Head Chef of "Belcanto Restaurant," and Mika Tolkachev, the Executive Chef at FIVE Hotels & Resorts.

Our team is proud that WHAT ELSE became the first gastronomic theatre to be hosted by Dubai Opera building. Ludovico Einaudi, soloists of the Bolshoi Theatre, and La Scala performed on its stage - this is a pleasant association. We have added more exciting immersive moments to the new staging. For example, some guests have a part in our show, but only find out about it along the way, and the menu has such deceptive dishes as a lipstick becoming a dessert, black caviar... well, be sure to come to find out.

Victoria Strekalina, founder, general producer, and ideological inspirer of the project

“We see great prospects for the development of theater in the UAE and the MENA region. This place is developing rapidly and is gradually becoming an important center of tourism and art on the world map. When developing a project for this region, we took into account the sophistication of potential viewers in terms of impressions. In the near future, we will present a second show in Dubai, which will be not only entertainment, but also definitely a cultural phenomenon, uniting people of different nationalities and cultures,” says Igor Glyanenko, partner and investor of the theater.

The theater team, led by Victoria Strekalina, comprises Fabrizio Lusenti and Mika Tolkachev as chefs, Vahan Saroyan and Andrey Korzhov as show directors, with choreographers Ekaterina Reshetnikova and Vitaly Savchenko adding their creative flair to this gastronomic spectacle.


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