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#almostcricket, the spouse factor

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Comments and questions that concern cricket and the spouse, raised recently by the readers (yes, I have a few now)

  • Does he read everything you write? Yes. He is married to me.

  • Do you watch every match with him? No. He is married to me. (Also, please previous posts, closely)

  • What did he say about your first book, The Trees Told Me So? Nice. (Self-promotion plug)

  • What did he say about your second book, It Was The Year 2020? Nice. (Self-promotion plug)

  • What did he say about your third book, She? Nice. (You know what I’m doing, promoting books and making clear to you that I have writing if not cricketing credentials to boost)

  • What did he say about this column, #almostcricket? Lovely. (Improvement)

  • Is he helping you write these? No. This column is purely my fault.

  • What was his comment on the last few entries? Bumrah plays for Baroda, why have you mentioned Chandigarh roots? The #inthestaidum posts seem ‘frustrated’, for there’s nothing better than watching a match in a stadium.

  • Will you write more about him in the near future? Yes, I need content and he is unlikely to sue me for friendly defamation.

A decision I’ve reached recently

  • If nobody reads (173 of you did read, WHAT!!!) then I’d compile all of this in one folder and give it to the spouse as his 40th birthday gift.

  • Note to self: He turned 40, three years ago. Belated birthday gift.

  • Question to self: Is it okay to declare men’s age on a public platform? Or is it a delicate matter?

  • Stress is not good for you: It’s done now. It’s too late. Also, nobody READS so closely.

This continues to be a foolish idea because

  • I now KNOW (better) that I am unlikely to know anything about cricket


  • I have to write about cricket for more days than I can, should, or want to


  • Nobody READS except the 173 who DID, There is hope in the world, some of you both READ and watch REELS

  • I don’t have to pretend to know something about cricket

  • Oh yes, since I am the captain here, I’ve decided to take mental days off on Saturday and Sunday, so I won’t be writing this weekend, September 23 and 24

Rewind to how it all started (and support if you want it to last) Tell me: What you want to read next or don’t. Just send over a gift card. I am also now open to collaborating for exposure.

A hashtag I thought I'd never use


P.S.: I hope to write for 17 days until the CWC 2023 kickstart, so if you want to suffer (with me) keep coming back here for daily doses of what for now and for the lack of a better name I am calling my #notaboutcricket project, #almostcricket. If you’re into the LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE to the FREE PLAN (damn!!) way of living then, of course, you can do that too. I also accept gift cards, just saying. Reach me at


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