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Antalya, Turkey: A touch of arts, nature and culture

Updated: May 5, 2023

Hold. Value. Share. Weaving threads, connecting with arts, et al. Spend some time at BAYOU Villas by Barut Hotels

Barut Hotels attaches great importance to cultural heritage. It has been undertaking the sponsorship of the excavations in the Ancient City of Side, an important port and trade city in the Mediterranean.


There is too much focus on Instagram reels and the virtual world avatars

That soon, we will forget what it is like to be touched by real talent, to be in the moment on the planet

We are going about our lives chasing followers in the virtual world, 'creating' in the Metaverse, and 'watering' greens in FarmVille; and somewhere in between forgetting that we can afford the luxury to take a moment to work with our hands, learn a new skill, and more.

During my recent stay in a three-bedroom villa; BAYOU Villas I had a chance to be in touch with elements that matter the most — CULTURE, NATURE and ARTS.

Missed how it all started? Head here. The five senses (and more) experience at Antalya Turkey. Discover the sense of SOUND OF HEALING. Soak in the AROMAS OF CALMNESS.

CULTURE foremost. As part of a Tufting Workshop, I learnt about the secret behind the beautiful Turkish rugs' and carpets' unique patterns and colours. It takes little to become a fan of the art of tufting. Just one look and you'll be enamoured. Armed with tufting machines

and under the able guidance of local experts, I got a chance to get into the DIY mode and well, half-made an artwork for my home. The patience, skill and discipline required in keeping alive a cultural art form are commendable and one that needs to be passed on to future generations.

Surrounded by NATURE is enough to re-think what we are doing or rather not doing for the planet. You don't have to be an activist or an environmentalist, you can just be a traveller and do your bit for the planet, and be in touch with the Earth and all its elements. Fully powered by green energy to reduce its carbon footprint and promote the use of renewable energy, Lara Barut Collection stands out for being the first hotel in the Mediterranean region to obtain the Green Energy Certificate – together with Acanthus Cennet Barut Collection, affiliated to the same group.

Yes, is as simple, as choosing to holiday in a property, which is focused on sustainable tourism is the key. We enjoyed our meal at Tirmis, the restaurant with a sustainability concept and a menu consisting of local foods of Antalya, where all products are supplied by local producers located at a maximum distance of 100 km. Every bite counts.

P.S. The presence of glass water bottles in your villa will warm your heart. Yes, change can begin with a small step like this one. Lara Barut Collection plays a role in the fight against the climate crisis and the unconscious consumption of natural and underground resources as part of the We Care All project. You will spot beautiful bookmarks on your nightstand.

ARTS are what we need the most, the pandemic reminded us of that again, didn't it? Imagine the lockdown without books, music, films, DIY projects, balcony concerts, and more. The brand takes its commitment to arts, seriously, and hence every corner of the destination is dotted with art — a broad range of collections, involving the production types of various disciplines such as paintings, ceramic placements, collages, digital arts, video arts and NFT by 25 distinctive artists, who have just started their careers and are internationally recognised.

With a collection of more than 100 works of art, Lara Barut Collection, embodying BAYOU Villas, brings artists together with the hotel guests in the Contemporary Artists Meetings it holds every year. The primary purpose of such meetings is to support young and promising artists.


Then, I will leave the Metaverse behind for a few days

And, I will fill up my moments with threads I can touch and skills I can learn

(There is something magical about DIY projects, even when you leave them midway)


Then, I will leave the mere talk of doing something for the planet

And, I will take a moment to realise that I to can make a difference in simpler ways


Then, I will wonder once again what is it that my heart likes

The CSR green goals or supporting a local farmer, scrolling through Instagram feeds or being in awe of artwork on the wall



Birgul Akgul, Group Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager, Bayou Villas, was such a support all through the activities

Are you ready to explore the five senses at BAYOU Villas and embrace it all?

Come back to this space:

Next up, we discover the sense of SIGHT.

Savour. Support. Share.

TASTE: Local, yummy and beautiful

Disclaimer: Sayers and philosophers often ask us to stop and smell the flowers. Little do they know that our lives are jammed up with tricky deadlines, urgent presentations, must-attend parents-teachers meets, sudden electricity failures, uninvited dinner guests, etcetera. And hence they suggest we include travelling as a mandatory activity in our schedules to not just smell the flowers but also do a lot more that our busy routines

don’t leave us time for. They remind us to pack our bags and drive down to a nearby place, hop on to a bus for a weekend trip, board a train for a lovely ride or fly down to a gorgeous destination. This is a place where we relive some ordinary moments away from home. Yes, travelling does a lot more than transporting us to a different location; it revamps and refreshes our day with activities and moments that routine lives keep us away from.

Missed how it all started?

How to reach: I took a flight from Dubai to Istanbul (four hours plus, Turkish Airways), followed by a connecting flight via the same carrier to Antalya (one hour plus).

With an intention to have a corner on this ever-growing market, Barut Hotels has considered the latest trends and emerging demands when designing Lara Barut Collection BAYOU Villas. It has designed such an environment for its guests that they can be alone with themselves in a silent retreat in touch with nature or gather and spend time with other people whenever they wish.


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