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Dubai: All the art that glitters is gold

Looking at upcoming art exhibitions in Dubai inspired by all things gold!

Hopefully, summer will be behind us soon, and we will be ready to step out, often! Well, if you are looking for outings other than brunches to be up and about, then a few gold-inspired art exhibitions await in the coming weeks. Yes, it's time to go beyond gold-vending machines in the malls and gold-shavings on cupcakes...and explore all things arty and glittering with gold.

Art in Shades of Gold: Yana’s paintings include the colours gold, which represents splendour

In celebration of the new art season, Skaya Art Agency is presenting the ‘Art in Shades of Gold’ exhibition by Ukrainian artist Yana Rusnak, as part of ME Dubai’s Cultural Connections initiative. Yana’s artwork blends vibrant animalism and abstract elements symbolising human ambition and life-affirming energy. Yana brings over seven years of artistic prowess to ME Dubai with paintings that are allegories of how human emotions and character intertwine with the animal world. Her work is characterised by the use of bold and geometric shapes, vivid colours, and her prominent use of triangles, which symbolise balance, harmony, tension, conflict, integration, subjectivity, manifestation, lightning, and ascension.

ME Dubai’s exquisite architecture and Yana’s unique paintings inspire a love of contemporary art and boundless imagination that are ideal for advancing the UAE’s art scene and fostering a deeper appreciation of art.

Anastasia Kopijevski, Founder and Owner of Skaya Art Agency

Yana’s paintings include the colours of two precious metals: Gold and Silver. Silver symbolises the colour of the moon and signifies values of innocence, purity and mercy. Whereas Gold represents splendour, the radiance of the sun, and the highly valuable quality of non-deterioration. By utilising the best traditions of contemporary animalism to create a ‘Dialogue with the Universe’ she alludes to the elements of music, light, nature, and the galaxy revealing glimpses of human aspirations and life-affirming energy. Moreover, Yana’s masterpieces also contain a precious gold nugget reflecting her intricate artistry.

At: ME Dubai’s Art Gallery, ME Dubai Hotel, Dubai

From: September 7 until October 9, 2023

Gold Codes: Most of the pieces feature gold – paint or gold leaf

Here's your chance to see the collected artwork of renowned international portrait photographer turned acrylic painter, Gerda Carina, in a stunning new exhibition, Gold Codes at Le Meridien Fairway, Dubai. Gerda's works contain ‘codes’ to activate and attract what you most need in life. Most of the pieces feature gold – paint or gold leaf – because Gerda believes it holds a very special kind of high frequency which helps activate the purpose of the paintings. Gold Codes celebrates creativity, artistic expression, and the power that an art piece can hold. Gerda Carina’s artistic expression is a powerful amalgamation of her life’s adventures, diverse cultural encounters, and spiritual insights. Through her art, she continues to share her vision of harmony, joy, and connection with the world, leaving an indelible mark on those who encounter her transformative creations. She uses acrylics that are rich in colour, texture, and depth and some pieces also feature gold leaves.

My “Gold Codes” pieces shift energies and offer a touch of mystery. The art activates spaces, and brings in balance, harmony, financial abundance, unconditional love, and so much more!

Portrait photographer turned acrylic painter, Gerda Carina

The meticulously crafted, enchanting works of art combine channelled energies and vibrant colour combinations inspired by her global adventures. Each piece is tailor-made to resonate with your individual desires and aspirations. Gerda’s art reflects her resilience as a creative individual, having overcome numerous obstacles on her artistic journey, but it is also about the elegance and grace that she has learned to embody through the years.

At: Le Meridien Fairway, Garhoud, Dubai

From: September 5 to October 3, 2023

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