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Dubai: Save the date for stunning & diverse exhibitions await

It will also be your chance to get familiar with a few of the best art spaces in the region

As the weather gets cooler, the art enthusiasts get ready to embrace newer concepts, welcome artists from all across the globe, and make stopovers at galleries to hobnob with the art fraternity. Dubai is known to host three of the most prominent and looked forward to art events — Sikka Art & Design Festival, World Art Dubai and Art Dubai — and whilst, there is still some time for these magnificent, larger-than-life events to happen; local galleries, boutique hotels, et al. are already buzzing with an exciting line up of exhibitions.

Alena Vavilina: Masterpiece Fine Art

A world of empathy

Oasis of the Soul: New Sincerity, an exhibition hosted by Masterpiece Fine Art, brings together the artworks of outstanding international artists through the mediums of painting and photography. “Masterpieces that give rest to the eye, food for thought, and most importantly, opens up the treasury of the artists’ thoughts,” said Alexandra Timorina, one of the curators of the exhibition, international art manager and art historian. New Sincerity is an art movement that detaches from the principles of post-modern irony and cynicism and promotes sincerity as the motive for a rebellion against the cynicism of the modern world. The show features art pieces by Noj Barker, Alena Vavilina, Andrey Voskanyan (Houdruk), Tatyana Faydysh, Joe Machine, Sergey Markofken, and Waleed Al Taleb. "In our exhibition, the artists reflect different faiths and cultural environments, however, they are all united by courage — that is called ‘new sincerity in today’s art world; created for empathy," said Alexandra Timorina, curator, international art manager and art historian, Masterpiece Fine Art.

Masterpiece Art is an exclusive gallery and fine art advisory firm headquartered in West London; and Masterpiece Fine Art offers connoisseurs and art lovers in Dubai the chance to experience, first-hand, a wide range of fine art encompassing old Master painting to contemporary art.

At: Masterpiece Fine Art, Wafi City, Dubai; until October 5

Debjani Bhardwaj: Foundry

More the merrier

Opening today, Foundry has announced the unveiling of its new season. It is presenting exhibitions from photographer Stuart Lawson, fine art photographer Baber Afzal, multidisciplinary artist Debjani Bhardwaj and experimental artist Studio Lenca. Titled ‘Dancers Soul’, the photographs by Lawson will take viewers on a journey of movement, beauty, and energy, providing an insight into the dancers’ emotions. Afzal’s breathtaking images of the iconic Burj Khalifa truly capture the scale and magnitude of the world’s tallest building, highlighting its geographical significance. Bhardwaj will exhibit her visual stories, communicated through a unique combination of various art forms, in her captivating ‘Dreams Within Dreams’ exhibition. Lenca’s experimental show features a series of paintings that explore the lived experience of displacement.

Foundry is a hybrid progressive art space that provides a creative space for artists; and the space provides a comprehensive program of exhibitions, commissions, workshops, talks, and film screenings that brings a broad range of contemporary art and a cultural program to the UAE and the wider region.

At: Foundry, Boulevard Downtown Dubai; until 30 October

Perry El-Ashmawi: Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown

Old meets the new

Out of Place by Bahrain-born artist Perry ElAshmawi at Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown, reflects the inspirations that the artist draws from innovative styles of contemporary and urban art. Residing in the UAE, Perry was a selected artist for the seventh edition of Sikka Art Fair, for 10th edition of The Sheikha Manal Young Artist Award Exhibition, and two editions of the Annual Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival. “Graphic and graffiti illustrative works are a few examples of urban art that influence my designs. Exploring the region’s art scene as a practising artist will always be a lifetime passion for me. Upholding tradition, while embracing modernity is increasingly apparent in today’s society. My artworks reflect our generation’s constant need to follow the latest trends and incessantly chase the ‘coolest’ products out in the market. There’s a constant growth of trends and technological advances which seem foreign to those who have experienced life in simpler times. For that reason, I like to represent scenes of irony, and humour by illustrating how the old tries to adapt to the new,” she said.

Each Hotel Indigo draws inspiration from the local neighbourhood, culture and popular trends in food, drink and design to create a vibrant atmosphere. Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown, is the first boutique hotel in the UAE, and is a champion at bringing arts, designs and local and international art talents to the fore.

At: Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown; until 30 September

Navjot Altaf: Ishara Art Foundation

Challenges in a digital era

Opening this Wednesday, Pattern, the first solo exhibition of artist Navjot Altaf in the Arabian Peninsula at Ishara Art Foundation, will feature site-specific installations, sculptures, videos, drawings, and photo prints. The exhibition foregrounds Navjot’s longstanding commitment to issues of climate change, ecology and feminism and the challenges they face in the digital age.

Ishara Art Foundation, Dubai, founded in 2019 is a non-profit organisation dedicated to presenting contemporary art of South Asia. It supports emerging and established practices that advance critical dialogue and explore global interconnections.

At: Ishara Art Foundation, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai; until December 9



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