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Dubai: Swirl along this dinner show

An all-in-one escape from reality meets 3D visual mapping, international acts, and more

Stunning acts to get the audience swinging along

There’s the party, and there’s the after-party — and if you’ve ever attended those, you’d know that whilst the party is the highlight, it’s the after-party, which is remembered the most, perhaps because only the close circle stays back for that, and it becomes an intimate, amusing experience in itself. If we were to describe the dinner show at Dream, Address Beach Resort, JBR, Dubai, then we’d start from the end i.e. the bit we’d label as the after-party. We’d just settled in after watching a phenomenal show of international acts and showstopping acrobatics, when the DJ belted out Bella Ciao (of course, everyone knows this one, courtesy of Money Heist) and the staff members encouraged us to get up from our seats, swirling our dinner napkins, and dance along. Interestingly, our server for the night took the lead and reached the stage, complete with his cowboy hat, and we couldn’t help but applaud, and dance the night away. The DJ continued to belt out old favourites like Macarena, Shape of You, et al. But all this was right at the end, for prior to that for more than two hours we stayed either overwhelmed with what we witnessed on the performance stage or at the edge of our seats.

The hidden link between music and food is, of course, entertainment. It is important to complete your meal with great entertainment. This gives the customer an all-round exceptional experience if done correctly. The dining experience should then always become extended by the show-stopping performances before them. Any venue can play music over a speaker, however, if you have live performances during a sit-down dinner, this is what I feel makes the biggest difference between a standard restaurant and a dinner and a show experience.

Jacques Geagea, Director of Operations (Nightlife Division), DREAM Dubai

A blend of hand balancing and partner acrobatics

DREAM, a concept created by Sunset Hospitality, aspires to offer guests an all-in-one escape from reality. We walked in post-nine-thirty at night, and the tables were just getting occupied, and the venue was packed by ten-ish when the show started with a vocalist filling up the air with Ariana Grande's Love Me Harder. The evening soared to another high when the skilled acrobats owned the stage as they moved deftly and aesthetically with neon light ropes and chain ropes as apt props. Our tense moments were courtesy of the two brilliant male performers, who took the act of balancing a notch higher. Their act, a blend of hand balancing and partner acrobatics, led to an act of the duo lifting and balancing each other into the most challenging, incredible postures; an act that would stay with the audience for a long time for its talent and courage. The spectacular 3D visual mapping played a big role in enhancing each of the performances. Indeed, the venue stood out with the show, and its Mediterranean-inspired menu, signature beverages, and attentive hospitality. However, it did lose out, for it offers extremely limited choices of dishes for its vegetarian guests, which is a shame as the world is said to be moving to vegetarianism and veganism. The venue is open from Wednesdays to Sundays from 8 pm until late. We walked out, way after midnight, still humming Gangsta’s Paradise, Can’t Help Falling in Love With You, et al.


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