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Kids, swap, sell textbooks: Aug 26

We are delighted to share details of our upcoming event for children conducted by journalist, author & creative educator Purva Grover.

Be an entrepreneur of a day

Children: Sell/Swap your school textbooks

RSVP is a must for sellers:

As promised, we're back with another event at Bookends. And this one's for the children. Boys and girls, here's your chance to be an entrepreneur for a day. Do you often wonder what to do with their used school textbooks? Well, here's a chance to sell or swap them (the choice is yours) at our free-to-attend, free-to-participate event. The event will be hosted by author, journalist Purva Grover, who is also the Brand Ambassador for Bookends.

How it works:

  • It's a book sale for your used school textbooks ONLY.

  • You can price them between Dh1 and Dh15/each (using a pencil, scribble the same on the first page of the book)

  • Sale money = your pocket money (to buy more books, maybe)

  • Seller registrations open between:10-10:30 am (you can use the time to set your stall and put up a cool poster!)

  • Each child entrepreneur will receive a certificate of participation from Bookends

  • Each child is to be accompanied by an adult

When: August 26, Saturday, 11 am - 1 pm

Where: Bookends, Dubai Digital Park, Building A3, Silicon Oasis. Dubai RSVPs must for SELLERS: (We'll send your more instructions once we hear from you) Hosted by: Purva Grover, Author & Brand Ambassador, Bookends


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