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Listen to jazz, ponder over real vs. virtual lives, and more

Dubai: Sojourns to soak in creativity

Interaction with natural environment

The eleventh edition of the Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival (RAKFAF), which opened today (Friday) is showcasing the talent of more than 120 local and international artists from over 35 countries under the theme of Nature. It features six exhibitions in collaboration with cultural partners including the Marinko Sudac Foundation, the US Mission to the UAE, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Abu Dhabi, the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Dubai, the Consulate General of France in Dubai, and FLICK Camera. To celebrate unity and diversity, each bayt (meaning ‘house’ in Arabic) will act as a dedicated space for these partners to interpret and define Nature in their way. Other highlights include avant-garde artworks from Central and Eastern Europe presented by Croatian curator and art collector, Marinko Sudac as a part of the Marinko Sudac Foundation and the Gorgona Group; a permanent installation created for the 2023 RAKFAF, Pogacnik’s ‘Portal of Peace’ represents his philosophical interpretation of the relationship between humans and the biosphere and more.

Until 28, free-to-attend, Al Jazirah Al Hamra Heritage Village, Ras Al Khaimah

Classic tunes

A live jazz band will perform at The Nice Guy, every Wednesday. The reservations-only destination is evocative of the brand’s West Hollywood outpost, inspired by the same cosy aesthetic that pays homage to the decadent era of Mafia restaurants. Their just opened outdoor patio and terrace boasts picturesque views of DIFC's gleaming skyline. Combined, this backdrop provides the ideal atmosphere for an intimate evening fueled by classic jazz tunes that further amplify the brand’s signature, palpable atmosphere.

The Nice Guy, Emirates Towers Blvd., every Wednesday, 8pm-10pm

Real lives vs. virtual existences

The Shadow Man exhibition by Anna Chekh features a collection of vibrant artworks featuring a dark and faceless shadow man that represents society’s growing isolation from real-life interactions and a shift towards behavioural patterns of virtuality. By exhibting her works at a cafe, Anna’s exhibition presented by Dubai-based boutique art consultancy Skaya Art, is a trendy take on evoking a multisensory experience through taste and sight. Chekh is a Ukrainian contemporary artist, who combines contemporary surrealism with expressionism to showcase social topics through cartoonish characters.

Until 23 February, free-to-attend, Roasters Specialty Coffee House, Jumeirah


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