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Sshh... the hotel staff knows all the stories! Dubai, are you listening?

Taking place every Saturday at 4 pm in Dubai, these unique events promise to take audiences on an exclusive journey into the lives of fashion visionaries.

Host Theatre, a brand new theatre company, in partnership with Parure Atelier, the international jewelry brand, presents 'Host With Legends,' - a series of immersive theatre performances in Dubai that bring to life the untold stories of geniuses, as told by the hotel staff who observed their daily lives from behind the scenes.

The upcoming events will center around one of the legends of Italian fashion — Giorgio Armani. He is celebrated for creating not just a brand but a lifestyle. One can wear clothes, perfume, and make-up by this designer and even decorate their homes with his crafted items. Moreover, he has two hotels: one in Milan and another in Dubai, on the thirty-nine floors of the iconic Burj Khalifa Tower. The fashion maestro meticulously designed the interiors of both. "Host with Legends" will take place at the Armani Hotel in Dubai, allowing guests to experience the unique atmosphere created by the legendary designer. 

To book tickets:

Host With Legends is a unique concept that offers an immersive experience. Guests will be surrounded by talented actors, engaging fellow attendees, and the luxurious interiors of Dubai's finest 5-star hotels. Additionally, they will actively participate in the performance, creating their themed art collage inspired by the designer's aesthetics, guided by a skilled instructor; guests will enjoy elegant 5 o'clock tea and savouring delicious appetisers during the event.

Yulia Maksimovich, CEO, Host Theatre

The series promises an immersive experience where guests can discover unknown facets of the legend of the night, foster new connections, and experience genuine emotions. So, dress up in your best cocktail attire and become a part of the story!


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