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Antalya, Turkey: A taste of local, yummy and beautiful

Savour. Support. Share. Eating local, understanding wellness, et al. Spend some time at BAYOU Villas by Barut Hotels

Lara Barut Collection has created numerous comfort and recreation spaces for its guests


There is too much focus on clicking Instagram shots of food

That soon, we will forget what it is like to taste the locally sourced, the cooked with love

We are going about our lives focussing more on what's Instagram-friendly vs. what's tummy and soul friendly. Between ordering in vs. cooking by ourselves, junk vs. seasonal eats, and more, we're forgetting that the best meals are the ones that are shared with loved ones, and of course, that look after the planet, the farmers, the soul.

During my recent stay in a three-bedroom villa at BAYOU Villas, I had a chance to taste food as it should be – locally sourced, skilfully cooked and plated, and shared with friends, old and new.

Missed how it all started? Head here. The five senses (and more) experience at Antalya Turkey. Discover the sense of SOUND OF HEALING. Soak in the AROMAS OF CALMNESS.


As global tourism is on the rise and the competition between destinations increases, intangible, uniquely local and regional cultural heritage starts to play an increasingly decisive role in attracting tourists. When choosing a destination, people mainly consider whether that destination is authentic, special and quiet and have a good food culture.

Pictures speak louder than words, they say so. Join me on a pictorial gastronomical journey of what's cooking and how!

  • Let's savour, shall we?

Tirmis A'la Carte Restaurant serves within Lara Barut Collection. The restaurant, named after a kind of salubrious legume unique to Antalya, offers its guests not only the delicacies unique to Antalya such as hibes, pumpkin dessert with tahini, meatball skewers and piyaz with tahini but also delicacies that are known only by the local people and that have not been popularised in the city yet. Natural products purchased from local producers in Antalya are used in all the dishes prepared in the restaurant, which introduces its Turkish and Antalya identity to its guests coming from various countries.

Iro Sushi Bar, one of the A'la Carte restaurants in the Lara Barut Collection, combines the selected delicacies from the Far East cuisine with distinctive expositions by master chefs. The exotic and delightful desserts from the Far East cuisine, covering sushi, won ton, crispy chicken and spring rolls, take the guests on a gourmet journey with stylish presentations.

Interpreting the fresh, natural and local ingredients skillfully, the chefs adorn the tables with creative presentations at Weik A'la Carte Restaurant, which has been designed with simple, stylish and modern details. The guests can enjoy its rich menu, consisting of selected delicacies from Turkish and world cuisines and premium drinks, all day long.


Then, I will leave the canned and packaged foods and drink behind for a few days

And, I fill up my tummy with vegan toast with micro greens and spinach & coconut cream smoothies

(There is something magical about eating greens when the skies and waters are magical blues)


Then, I will leave the mere talk of eating local

And, I will take a moment to realise that food can be both delectable and healthy


Then, I will wonder once again what is it that my heart likes the food deliveries, the buy one get one pizza offer or supporting a local farmer, eating a seasonal vegetable, and truly relishing a meal (not just hashtagging it)



Are you ready to explore the five senses at BAYOU Villas and embrace it all?

Come back to this space:

Next up, we discover the sense of SIGHT.

Just look. Make memories. Capture later.

SIGHT: Art on the plate, art on the walls, et al.

Disclaimer: Sayers and philosophers often ask us to stop and smell the flowers. Little do they know that our lives are jammed up with tricky deadlines, urgent presentations, must-attend parents-teachers meets, sudden electricity failures, uninvited dinner guests, etcetera. And hence they suggest we include travelling as a mandatory activity in our schedules to not just smell the flowers but also do a lot more that our busy routines

don’t leave us time for. They remind us to pack our bags and drive down to a nearby place, hop on to a bus for a weekend trip, board a train for a lovely ride or fly down to a gorgeous destination. This is a place where we relive some ordinary moments away from home. Yes, travelling does a lot more than transporting us to a different location; it revamps and refreshes our day with activities and moments that routine lives keep us away from.

Missed how it all started?

How to reach: I took a flight from Dubai to Istanbul (four hours plus, Turkish Airways), followed by a connecting flight via the same carrier to Antalya (one hour plus).

One of the issues that the Barut Hotels brand cares about is taking its guests on a gastronomic journey by offering both local and international tastes. An unforgettable gastronomic experience is offered at 9 A'la Carte restaurants and 7 stylish bars at Lara Barut Collection, in addition to the A'la Carte restaurant and bar serving exclusively for the villa guests.


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